Download Google Play Store 6.2.10 APK

Google Play APK 6.2.10 Update rolling out: You can now download the latest version 6.2.10 of Google Play Store APK right from here.

The latest version of Google Play Store 6.2.10 APK brings with a package of bug fixes for issues that users have been facing for a while. With bunch of changes, the new release also includes two sections: Apps & Games and Entertainment. One of which holds all of the best apps and games that you may wish to install, and the other plays host to things like entertainment purposes, lists movies, music and books. Notably, having apps share the same store as books has always been an odd idea to us, so we’re all for this particular change. The download link embedded below has been updated with latest version 6.2.10.

Google Play Store with the update now behaves better on yoyr Android device, responding to taps and swipes more quickly and generally looking much more like an app that you would want to spend some time browsing.

Fire up the Play Store app and you will instantly recognize the subtle changes and tweaks in user interface here and there under the hood. Some of these changes, including the two new sections Apps & Games and Entertainment, can been seen in the screenshots below.


Play Store version 6.2.10 should start rolling out to users over the course of the new few days. Regardless, if you do not want to wait for that update to hit your Android device, you can simply download the APK of this bew version of Google Play Store from the link given below.

Version 6.2.10 is compatible and ready for Android 6.0 Marshmallow or ROM ports based on the 6.0 images. Download Google Play Store APK version 6.2.10 from here.

Tip: To download from Mega on your Android device directly without downloading the Mega app, simply request the Mega download page to be opened in desktop mode in your web browser and then you should be able to download it directly without the app. As the download link has been uploaded on Mega upload section.

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