Google Play Games Online Service Ditches Google+ Logins, Introduces Gamer IDs

Custom identity for Google Play Games now rolling out, as the company has announced the way gamers sign into the channel would soon be changing, and it seems that the day has finally come. Offering Gamer IDs for Google Play Games services, which nevertheless no longer require user sign up with a Google+ account. Instead, gamers will be able to login with a newly-created Gamer ID, can be customized with a Gamer Picture of their choice.

Embrace your inner gaming hero with Gamer ID

Google also says that for the new users signing into their first Play Games integrated game and existing users login to a new Play Games, will have to create a unique Gamer ID and can be selected one of 40+ avatars for your Gamer Picture. Similar to what the current Play Games accounts, you can choose to make your gaming activity public or private, and can decide whether gamers can assosiate your Gamer ID with your email adddress or real name.

Moving forward, as expected, Google making it very earier and much faster to start playing the new games. Now that, you won’t need to wait too long for the slow Play Games prompt to load up each time you get started to play a new game, thanks to the new auto sign-in essential, you’ll be only prompted to sin in once per account, and not once per game. Afterall, you will also be automatically be signed into the future games on the channel.

For that you have to wait, as these changes will be rolling out in the next few weeks. Might need more time before you go and sign up for your new Gamer ID. Best part here is that Google Play Games has ditched the Google+ requirement.

Will you be creating your own Gamer ID to sign up for an all new Google Play Games online service? Let us know!

Update 1x: As for Google Play Music, it recently got its hands on a new v6.4 of the APK and discovered upcoming podcast support. The functionality seems to be rather basic, compared to some competitor offers, which have things like smart playlists and variable speed playback.

(Source: Google)

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