Google Offering 4 Free Months Unlimited Google Play Music For Subscribers Now

In order Google is running a deal on its music streaming service and storage locker Google Play Music. Usually grants new Play Music subscribers a 3 months free trial, but for a limited period of time, that is now extended to four months. Here are the details one should know to turn it up your favorite song.

Typically, the Google Play Music offers a 90-days free trial when you first sign up, but nevertheless, now giving new subscribers an extra month of free time. To get the offer, simply follow the source link while logged into your Google account. Once done, the usual subscription prompt would offer you the normal amount of free limit with the service, you’ll be able to score 120-days.

The service allow users scan up to 50,000 songs from their music library, and of course, will be able to listen to custom radio stations on their computer or mobile device. Users who use the free trial have to contend with ads, but where subscribers paying $9.99 (or $14.99 for a family account) can avoid ads, listen to over 35 million songs, download music to listen later offline, and even get access to YouTube Red: Google Announnces The Ultimate YouTube Experience With Subscription Service

Unfortunately, Google Plau Music’s granted 4 free months of unlimited Play Music doesn’t apply to family plans in the free trial; clicking the ‘Other Plans” button in the subscription dialog box will knock you down to 30 days for individual and family plans, requiring you to click the link again and go into a fresh tab to get the deal on an individual scale.

Given the fact that you can access Google Play Music’s entire library. Artists from around the world, from popular fare like Katy Perry and Ed Shreeran to classics like Metallica, and even foreign bands like Robbers On High Street and Janne da Arc can be found. It’s worth noting that the nature of licensing deals means that no music streaming service can ever have a truly complete library, though, the main draw of Google Play Music is the ability to upload up to fifty thousand songs of your own desire to lisren to from the cloud anytime. And the mix, in with purchases froim Google Play Music, a feature that is present already in the free version as well as Unlimited catalog. The catch is that you’re given a limited number of device removals and re-authorizations, so custom ROM addicts and frequent phone switches may want to think twice.

Google has already been offering similar deals in the past, and it’s unclear how long the deal will remain active. You can always cancel your subscription when your four months are up. To take advantage of this offer, it also net your a 4 months of YouTube Red, including ad-free YouTube watching and YouTube Red original content. By the way, you can also keep listening to music on YouTube with your device’s screen turned off to save battery life. This feature of YouTube Red extends to the YouTube Music app as well.

You can now sign up for free Google Play Music Unlimited 4 Months subscription right away from here.

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