Google Play Services 7.5 Brings Android App Invites, Smart Lock For Passwords And More (Download SDK)

At its annual developers I/O 2015 conference, Google has announced some major software iterations, including Android M Developer Preview release, Android Pay, Brillo – as a baby¬† version of Android OS for Internet of Things etc. All in all, also rolled out the Google Play Services 7.5 SDK for Android app developers, which adds new features that can be used in their apps. With Smart Lock for Passwords, the Play Service version 7.5 should help using passwords on multiple devices and platforms. Here’s what Google explains how Smart Lock for Passwords work, detailed below.

The SDK version 7.5 of Google Play Services brings Smart Lock for Passwords, new APIs for Google Cloud Messaging, Google Cast, as well as giving developers access to the Google Maps API on Android Wear devices among others. Features like beta of Apple Invites is also included, which allows developers send invitations to download and install Android apps via SMS or emails. Whereas the Maps API to Android Wear apps that are fully intaractive maps can also be displayed on smartwatches. Point to admit is that, all these inclusions are only being offered to Android developers first and won’t be available currently to regular app users.

Now about the Smart Lock for Passwords, decsribed as it has built on the Chrome Password Manager and adds a new API (CredentialsApi) and UI on Android to retrieve saved information. Developers by integrating Smart Lock for Passwords into their Android apps can automatically sigh users in to the apps using the credentials, which are already stored on devices and on the Chrome browser. Both password-based and Identity Provider (IDP, like Google Sign-In) credentials are supported. Keep your users logged in as they move between and to new devices and the feature essentially acts like a password manager for Android, as per Google.

Google Cloud Messaging is another one updated to offer a battery efficient machanism for developers, who regularly sends out messages from a device to a server. Updated version of Cloud Messaging allows developers to send app notifications to iOS devices as well. A new topic based subscriptions has been also added, so users will be able to choose which notifications they want to receive.

The Play Services 7.5 brings app invites (Beta) for upcoming game titles or apps on the Google Play Store. The App Invites will be avaiulable on both the Android and iOS platforms providing users a standard UI to invite people to install apps.


Now meet the Google Cast. It can be useds as a remote display on any Android, iPhone or Chrome app with better media and gaming support. The new Google Cast Remote Display API, meant for second screen functionality for devices like the Chromecast.

Google confirms that this new Play Services 7.5 work perfectly on Android 2.3 Gingrebread and to a higher OS version up to Android M. To learn more, please visit the Google APIs for Android site..

Download Google Play Services SDK 7.5 for Android from here

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