Google Play Store Android App Updates Soon Be 65% Or Even Smaller To Download

According to new report, Google has launched File-by-File patching, reducing Android app updates 65% smaller than the full app download. In some cases, updates are more than 90% smaller on average.

The savings, compared to our previous approach, add up to six petabytes of user data saved per day,” said Google.

To get the new version of the app, Google Play sends your device a patch that describes the differences between the older version and newer versions of the app. Google is very aware of the frustrating problem. In fact the search giant announced over the summer that it has come with a solution to reduce the file size of the updated apps up to 47%, but, it still isn’t there yet.

This week around, Google came up with a new plan, one that it calls File-to-File patching. A method that eventually makes the App update process, on average, up to 65% smaller than the original size3, which translates up to 6 petabytes of user data saved per day.

Android app updates using File-by-File patching are, on average, 65% smaller than the full app.
In the same way, patches are much smaller and much faster to download than the entire APK. For more information, please make yourself free to head over to this link: Android Developer Website.

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