Google Play Store Now Shows Up ‘Free App Of The Week’ On The Tow

The Google Play Store now highlights a feature that display’s a “Free App of the Week” section as the Mountain View-based tech giant has recently added the new tab to its most popular digital marketplace. Similarly, what the name suggests, the latest addition to the Google Play Store just meant to detail a single popular game or app that’s available for download free of charge. Here are the full details on originally what Google Play Store for Android and on the Web displays.


Trending? It’s something like what apps are popular now and seemingly only feature apps that usually aren’t free but have just been temporarily discounted like the Card Wars – Adventure Time game that’s currently available for free download without an upfront payment despite usually shows up a $2.99 price tag. It is something like in-app purchase downloads, which you will find on iTunes and iOS App Store for a limited time period to grab. Also added a new Netbanking section as Online Payment option.

Although the Alphabet-owned company reportedly experimented with the “Free App of the Week,” section for a while now, tested fairly and the company only started rolling out to significant number of users several days ago. Consumers from several parts of the United States have already confirmed they’re now able to see the new tab, but the same doesn’t hold true for people from other territories such as United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, and of course, India.


Now, it’s somewhat unclear whether that means the new Google Play Store section is being rolled out in a gradual manner or the serach based Internet firm is simply expanding its availability as part of a larger test, ensuring that the section might soon be accessible worldwide, or might not. For the update you’re waiting will hopefully follow shortly, you may use a virtual private network (VPN) to access the new section of the Google Play Store that is available on both desktop and mobile platforms.

This (limited) rollout of the “Free App of the Week” feature marks yet another addition to the Google Play Store in recent months. Google’s Android Store was lately but updated with some new and top charts and a “Show Installed Apps” section that facilitate the process of discovering both the new and old applications. In addition to receiving a number of other changes and debuting on more Chrome OS-based devices. Given the fact that state of affairs, the Google Play Store will apparently receive new features in the coming near future, some of which may already be unveiled by mid-May when Google I/O 2017 keynote scheduled to take place. Stay tuned.


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