Google Play Huge Sale offers deep discounts on apps, movies, and more

We have already accompanied by the news that Amazon is hosting its biggest summer sale of the year, within a couple of weeks. Google, in the similar fashion also having a massive Google Play sale right now, and everything is discounted including apps, books, movies, and music. Here are the details on that.

From today until July 6, the Google Play Store summer sale 2017 goes on, you’ll be able to pick up a whole range of discounted apps, while also find discounted TV shows and movies right up until July 13 (get an extra week of special prices). Google announced the bonanza earlier today and highlighted some of the deals you’ll be able to find right for your choice.

The movie rentals will be priced at $0.99 during the period, and you’ll get 50% off new TV show releases, including CHiPs, Get Out and The LEGO Batman Movie (this deal has been extended rather than being a completely new idea in this sale). You’ll also as mentioned find 50-percent off select TV box sets.

When it comes to Android apps, games included, you can expect a variety of exclusive discounts and promotions. Some in-app purchases will drop to 50 percent for one year commitments for apps including New York Times, Runstastic, Memrise, NeuroNation, and TuneIn.

Games, which are also getting a price cut at up to 80% and you can expect in-app purchase discounts as well. You’ll also find up to 80-percent reductions on a number of premium games. Included the list of  FINAL FANTASY TACTICS, Star Wars: KOTOR, Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies, Reigns, Hitman Sniper, and Lara Croft GO will be discounted during the period.

If you’re a music lover, subscribe to Google Play Music during the period, you’ll get up to four months for free, while books discounts go anywhere between 50-to-80-percent off the regular price. Specific MP3 and album discounts weren’t discussed, though, the music subscription offers from the end of May remains in place.

All you need to take advantage of these best deals is a Google account – which you probably already have – with some form of payment attached to it.

Hit the Google Play Store via the link below to know more on what else is going on, and learn more details about Google’s special Google Play promotion, at this link. Once done, you can watch your rentals anywhere, including offline, on your phone, laptop, tablet and any other supported Android devices.

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