Google Play Tweaks Its Delta Algorithm To Make Android App Updates Smaller

No more ‘?’s and guessing games. As Google Play starts showing off apps’ actual download sizes. How? Google Play’s new Delta algorithm now displays the original storage space a whole app for Android or an upgrade will take up, so you don’t accidentally get anything too big. That’s what the new tweaked system runs and gives us some space for updates. Here are the details to check out on this new iteration.

The Google Play’s Digital Distribution Service has announced the new algorithm to reduce app sizes, which is specifically designed to “reduce the data that needs to be trnasferred for app installs and updates”. As per the report, suggesting that Google Play also plans to show app download sizes “more clearly” and accurately.

That will give you the chance to reconsider your download or to free up some space before getting a particularly large game or VR experience. Google also revamped its Play Store algorithn to make updates even minimal. Most Android apps (98% of them) only download changes to their APK files when you update them, and those new files merge with the older ones. So the updates algorithm will make those updates up to 50-percent smaller.

This is what Google in its Developers blog said:

Bsdiff is specifically targeted to produce more efficient deltas of native libraries by taking advantage of the specific ways in which compiled native code changes between versions.”

The bsdiff actually produces bunary patches from 50-80% smaller than those presented by Xdelta, and 15-percent smaller than those produced by .RTPatch. For example, if Google wants to show the size difference before and after the Bsdiff algorithm.

With the expansion of Google has finally improved comparison algorithms will reduce big games’ file sizes, which could almost be as huge as 2GB, by around 12%. While those owners with high-end phones might not get much out of these changes, but nevertheless, they could make a big difference for those who have more affordable devices with limited storage space.

Developers can eventually apply the algorithm to APK Expansion Files to further reduce update size in addition to APKs. Google says, this will even reduce the download size of initial installs and updates on average.


From now, Google will show the actual download sizes, rather not the APK file size in the Play Store. If the app already installed on your Android device, it will only show the update size. Currently, these new changes are rolling out anyway.

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