Next-Gen Google Glass Headset Bumps Glasses – Sport Model Focus On Audio?

Google has been in the scene of speculations, said to be working an all-new revamped Google Glass project, dubbed Project Aura – a eye-wearable with a screen and this time around producing a variant with glassless Sport model. Also rumored, Google have been in development of a head-mounted device, have been three versions and one of them doesn’t have a screen.

So there may be three Google Glass variants in the scene, but given may be consolidated into two. One of which will targeted at enterprises, has a screen, and the other without it. Focused at “sport” users, who doesn’t and relies on audio rather than visuals, like on original Google Glass. Instead, headphones worn on your face.

Next-generation Google Glass is somewhat resembles like a bluetooth headset, and the sport version should rely on bone conduction technology to transmit the music like the official first-gen Glass does.

Google’s Project Aura is a head-mounted Galss designs and that  includes audio experts hired from, is still targeting next year for release. Expected to be revealed to the public sometime next year. Stay tuned!


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