Google Quietly Testing A New Social Photo App For Small Group Editing?

Just after adding more feature additions to its two social communication apps Allo and Duo, Google seems to be quietly working on least one more social app that lets small groups edit photos together and then organize them for future enjoyment: think Path meets Snapchat-style filters and edit meets Google’s imaging smart. In fact there are almost top 100 best social photo apps for iOS free and paid, as well for the Android platform on the internet web. But that wasn’t the case with Google, the last thing that the search company needs is another application.

Right on the heels of killing off Google Talk, the company is looking further on rolling out a new app for group photo editing and sharing, so that it can be sit on top of its competitors such as Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and others in the scenario. Facebook will be the biggest rival to Google now, as the social network has a similar social photo sharing app called Moments, for example, while Apple just announced its AI-powered movie editing app, Clips.

Google confirmed the existence of the app after someone asked about it, and told them that (for now) is an experiment, one of many it’s running.

According to sources, one plan had been to launch the app during its I/O event in MAY – much as it did last year with Duo and Allo, but what we can’t get right now is there’s no specific date set. Or the app’s functions weren’t exactly described in great detail, but it would seem that the app allows a group of people to edit a photo together, then share it around, which alos includes some of Google’s own smarts. Using the magic of machine learning and neural networking, the sais app is reportedly able to identify objects and people in order to help classify and customize photos.

The original report comes straightly from TechCrunch, who pushed the information from an insider that they have not named. But rather the insider does revealed the potential, the nature of the in-development app, and that too without a name or a time frame for official release. The Photo app described group editing that may have other advanced functions. When?

Could the announcement this week of Clips from Apple is in question, a video editing app that will also use AI, image recognition and speech recognition, also have played a part in deciding timing?

Currently, we also don’t know what name Google is planning for the already working on application, but here is what we do know.

The approach the developers are taking is not to make another “messaging app” but more of a collaborative social photo app. Users can seamlessly create groups for sharing photos. And those group members would all be able to edit and tag the same pictures. As per the report circulating online, the new app will allow group for friends to edit photos together and then organize them to look at later. This potential app sounds a lot like Moments with added editing friends, as members will be able to create groups to share and customize their photos collaboratively. It is believed that the app would also bring Google’s image search ability, which would eventually be letting you identify objects in photos for future searches within the app.

Final touches, Google seems to be trying the “throw everything at the wall and see what sticks” approach to its social media strategy. In case, if more people are indeed using social apps like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat instead of searching the web, Google needs to find an alternative way to keep people engaged in its own mobile ecosystem, which, in my thoughts, not going to be a big deal after all. Because of Google’s algorithm changes and modifications to its crawlers and other search abilities. Don’t mind!

Now, what can we expect from, just allowing Google to focus on the facets of their ecosystem that can generate good money or that need serious work. Other than that, wait for the actual cutout release in the near future to expertise.

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