Google Wants To Replace SMS With Another Best Messaging Platform

It seems like Google is teaming up with several mobile phone operators to tweak its way back into messaging platform. Texting is long overdue for a recreation and the utilitarian Short Message Service (SMS) has served our messaging needs well for a decade now. but at the same time texts becoming increasingly crammed with photos, videos and more, it’s fair to say that SMS can no longer meet the requirements of the average mobile user. For that reason, here comes Rich Communications Services (RCS) in: the much-better platform that Google wants to tie up with to put on your phone.

Google has joined the world’s biggest mobile operators to boost adoption of a replacement for SMS. Android owner will now make its messaging technology available to an effort to standardize the use of RCS’s technology and make the standard for all Android devices, with a significant upgrade over SMS. It offers many of the features users are accompained to, expect from chat apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat, or Facebook Messenger, among other things, including the ability to send larger images and video clips, create group chats, and to even see when another user is typing.

Google will indeed help create a universal RCS client (currently named Jibe) that will be adopted by all the GSMA carriers. In a move announced by the source. What really makes RCS so much better?

As aforementioned, the RCS-powered Android messaging client could enable its features like group chat, high-definition photo sharing, and read recipents etc. In the near future, could also see the video calling supported by the RCS. Would still support lower-tier standards like SMS and MMS as well.

iPhone users with this matter don’t care about, because Apple’s developed its own iMessage platform which doesn’t use RCS. But it will help Google and its affiliated carriers and device manufacturers potentially win the messaging war, since Android is installed on almost 80% of the phones worldwide.

For more information on Google’s support for RCS (including the Android RCS client) visit

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