Google’s Inbox App Is Now Available To Everyone [Download Links]

Speaking about the Google’s standalone email app, Inbox by Gmail. After eight months as an invitation-only application is now available to everyone. Giving you that ability to snooze, pin, and quickly swipe away emails. Inbox is now opens its doors for all and which by means announced at Google I/O 2015 Developers conference in San Fransisco, as the search giant also pumped out some new features, including super-important “undo-send”. More details on how it works, it can be used and where to download Inbox can be found right after this fold.


With better reminders, deep linking and support for Google Keep, Inbox app is now available to download without an invite. By adding Trip Bundles to the email app which mixed together all of your mails about a trip that organise hotel, flight and rental information. Now though, these emails are automatically bundled together and available from the front page.

Here’s how to track your travel plans with Inbox app

Google has nevertheless been scanning Gmail accounts for travel information for some time now. So that you can see similar search results by searching for “my trips” in Google Now or on the Web and that was the past, and today’s version of emails automatically bundled together.

Tap Trips from the Inbox menu to see your upcoming adventures. Hotel bookings and flight confirmations ae the major bits of info that you’ll see, accompained by what looks like a randomely chosen picture of your destination. Select an entry to see more details, like the gate your plane leaves from or the number of the hotel. Wait! Inbox can only shows when it’s in your email. To hide a trip from your inbox, tap the menu button and choose Delete this trip. The emails themselves will remain in youir account but the app won’t show a bundle for it any more.

In addition, Inbox app also added new features that let you trash email threads with a simple swipe gesture to the right rather than archieving them (head to Settings to change this), set a signature for messages and retrieve sent emails (tap Undo on screen). Finally, integration with Keep has also been optimized as well, so your reminders still appears in both places.

(Download Inbox app from Google Play Store)

If you haven’t already, take it for a spin and let us know what you think about the Google’s Inbox app by Gmail works?

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