GoPro Launches Its Karma Drone In The UK

GoPro’s Karma drone landing in the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, followed by it now available in Europe. Specifically, the company’s quadcopter will be sold in the aforementioned regions starting today on and at “selected online retailers”.

A drone and Heo5 Black bundle will set you (customers) back £1,200 or €1,399, or they can buy the Karma with no camera for €999. That’s about $1500 and $1,100, respectively in the US, making Karma drone significantly more expensive that it is in the United States.

The GoPro’s highly-anticipated Karma bundle launched in the US last October, only to be recalled a few weeks later. Reason? Some of them were falling out of the sky (ops). As a result, GoPro never released the product in the UK. Until now, that is. Karma has finally arrived in Britain, as well as Spain, Italy and of course Germany.

A full drone bundle that comes with a Hero5 Black camera, will run you 1,400 euros. Otherwise you can buy the quadcopter on its own for 1,000 euros, or £870. Now that, GoPro seems to have fixed the karma issue that was causing units to fall from the sky. Notably, the Karma is more expensive that we thought. Originally, the complete bundle was given a £999 price tag in the UK, but it appears that’s now risen by as much as £200.

The drone just doesn’t stack up very well against the competition from DJI. It’s hard not to compare the Karma with DJI’s Mavic Pro, a smaller and lighter drone which runs for £1,099 in the UK, camera included. It’s also faster, and has a longer flight time, giving the edge in most situations. If you’re a filmmaker, however, you might prefer GoPro‘s cameras to the one in the Mavic Pro. So it’s worth looking at example footage online before making a purchase.

(Source: GoPro)

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