Apple’s iPhone 6s Uses Different-Sized A9 Chips From Samsung And TSMC

Why should we discuss about iPhone 6s and 6s Plus CPUs. Nothing important but according to the previous rumors suggesting both the TSMC and Samsung were developing Apple’s new A9 chipset for the new iPhone devices, but was a bit confusion over how the split would work, and result in front, where the two companies used different technologies. TSMC with the likes of 16-nanometer process whereas Samsung used a 14-nanometer process. Details regarding A9 SoC can be grabbed right after this jump.

Difference here is that the Samsung’s APL0898 chip measures in at 96 square millimeters, and the TSMC’s APL1022 chip manufactured in at 104.5 square millimeters. What then? Chipworks suggests Apple’s decision to use processors from both the companies points to a “major sourcing problems,” but over the past few years, Apple has opted to diversify its supply chain to prevent manufacturing hurdles that can potentially lead to delays.

Currently, it is not clear yet on how the size difference between the two chips will affect the performance of both the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Nevertheless, Chipworks indeed planning to benchmark each of the processors to figure out whether iPhones equipped with Samsung chips and those running with TSMC chips perform differently.

Chipworks has now confirmed vis several iPhone 6s teardowns that the new devices do contain application processors from both the Sammy and TSMC. Comparitively, Samsung’s die size of processor is smaller than of the TSMC SoC.

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