NVIDIA Announces Quadro M5500 Mobile GPU For Use In Laptops, Details Professional VR Plans

During the NVIDIA’s annual developer conference, the graphic card manufacturer has announced Quadro M5500 GPU, claimed it’s the fastest one it ever made! Alltogether with the VR ready announcement, NVIDIA geared this mobile graphic card towards enabling VR-capable performance in mobile workstations. The GPU Technology Conference shows off NVIDIA’s Pascal architecture set to launch this year, and omorrow’s keynote is on the same day as the HTC Vive launch, underscoring the important of virtual reality.

The new M5500 is Nvidia’s most powerful graphics card tied with the desktop-class GeForce GTX-980 GPU found in some notebooks, except that is a Quadro SKU, packing with 2058 CUDA cores. The Quadro M5500 is a new SKU for high-end desktop replacement style lappy’s that incorporates a fully-fludged GM204, and an even higher TDP to support it. It’s beyond now being the fastest mobile Quadro – is that it’s the only mobile GPU fast enough to meet the grace of HTC and Oculus’s hardware recommendations, as the M5500 falls sort.

Technical specifications go by, that’s looking at a fully enabled GM204 GPU with a boost clock of radically 1140Mhz. This Maxwell GPU is linked to 8GB of DDR5 RAM memory over a 256-bit inerface, clocked at 6.6Gbps. The new M5500 should utterly offer a better than 40% performance boost in shader or texture-bound scenerios, along with 32-percent memory bandwidth. Enables a 211 GB/s memory bandwidth running at 3.3 GHz. Performance floating point precision sits at 4.67 TFlops.

The performance approaches desktop levels with having the power requirements. The M5500 has a TDP of 150W, a full 50% higher than the 100W TDP of the M5000M, Consequently this is a media card for true desktop environment, as it takes a very large cooling system to handle that much of heat. Nvidia would not provide standard clock speeds, starting that the M5500’s clock is decided by the OEM implementing it and on a blast, the M5500 GPU can burn through 150W, a huge power figure for any laptop to handle.

The first laptop to ship with the Nvidia’s M5500 will in turn be MSI’s Wt72 mobile workstation, a 17.3-inch, 5.4lb notebook further coupled with Intel’s Mobile Xeon CPU. We can expect the Quadro M5500 version of the laptop will not feature NVIDIA’s Optimus technology, as the card needs to be directly wired to the HDMI port in order to support VR haedsets. The GPU company has also introduced the M5500 to handle the demands of VR applications, with in contrast to typical workstation or gaming consoles needs, where Full HD at 30fps per second is acceptable. In VR, the demands are much higher, requires a resolutions close to FHD per eye and both needing to run at more than 90 frames per second for a smooth experience.

Currently, the Quadro M5500 will be the backbone of NVIDIA’S mobile VR efforts for this generation, as it stands alone in Nvidia’s VR-capable mobile Quadro line. No! Not now! You can’t buy Quadro M5500 right away, as the company will be delivering the video cards in May. About the price? The company has not priced yet, expect it to be like a high-end professional mobile GPU.

Given the fact that, like this! Nvidia’s most powerful mobile graphics card, and a Quadro SKU to boot, it’s going to have a premium price tag. With the launch of the Quadro M5500, NVIDIA is also detailing their overall plans for VR support in the market. The company is looking to entice VR software developers with their VR toolsets. Partners will be extending its VR Ready program into the professional desktop marketplace. Includes Dell, Lenovo, HP, and other vendors will be shipping VR Ready certified workstations in the coming months. For those capable applications that supports VR SLI, at the top of the stack is the recently launched 24GB M6000 in SLI by Nvidia.

For professional VR, NVIDIA is also suggesting developers that VR Works is available for professional applications as well as consumer applications. More to learn from here!

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