About Raspberry Pi Zero Xbox Controller Mod Hack – Detailed

All things gone perfectly with this gamer who uses Raspberry Pi Zero to carm entire game console into an olds Xbox Controller, which is small enough to fit inside of the original one and is done successfully by connected via a modified USB OTG cable.

Gamer called himself Terence Eden, has published details of a great achievement of a little Xbox controller hack which evidently involves a Raspberry Pi Zero that has been slotted inside tranforming the controller into a fully-fledged game emulator and gaming console.


Inivitable! Not many things can be had for $5 bucks nowadays, much less a full-on single board comnputer. Destroyed last month when the notion RaspBerry Pi released their ultra-small model “Zero,” which sports a single-core 1GHz ARM-11 CPU, Broadcom VideoCore IV GPU, and 512MB of RAM. It’s been out for about a week or so. Makers have adopted it and used it in a host of projects, including gaming, which is what one DIYer did with his turning it into a gaming emulator.

Eden designed his own portable emulation console using the original massive Xbox controller using the Raspberry Pi Zero. Essentially making it a gaming console that acts as the controller and whatsoever. To be able to install the Raspberry Pi Zero single board mini PC which was unveiled last month into the Xbox controller.

The gamer had to modify the controller quite considerably by hollowing it out to make room to accommodate the Pi Zero mini PC. Explains more about his inspiration behind the project.

I like to tinker. My wife picked me up the new Raspberry Pi Zero. It’s an ultra small and ridiculously cheap computer. How small and cheap? They give it away free on the cover of magazines… Ok, so what can I do with a wafer-thin Linux box? I had thought of turning it into a simple door sensor, or perhaps wiring it in to a lightswitch, or swallowing it to see if I would get super powers. Then it struck me – turn it into a games console!

Now, don’t get me wrong, this has been done many times before – but I think I’ve come up with a unique twist. Build it directly into the controller! My original plan was to buy some USB NES controllers – they’re about the right size, but with only two buttons I’d be restricted to playing, well, old NES games. Also, buying new plastic stuff… nah! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!”

Since the Zero nestles between the controller’s two triggers, a little modding needed to be done to the inside, specifically, by cutting away some of the plastic as well as removing its memory card holder, that now onwards not needed. Stripped the controller’s USB cable and spliced it into an OTG USB cable, which easily connects to the board’s micro USB port. The Zero also sports an HDMI port that easily connects to almost any of today’s displays, making the emulator a pocket-sized portable console.


In order to play games, he took the pre-built image RetroPie from petRock to get the emulator up and running. Few clicks on the buttons, Eden started playing the original Doom.

Source: Raspberry Pi Zero Hidden In An Xbox Controller [Hack]

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