Buy 64-GB iPhone 6s If You Really Plan To Shoot 4K Videos

First thing catches at Apple’s recent media event was iPhone 6s which would get 4K video recording capabilities, then followed by 3D Touch and Live Photos essential features, and the next comes to scene, iPhone 6s Plus. Owners of this large-screened iPhone hardware will have enough space if they shoot even a moderate of Ultra-HD video on a 16GB iPhone 6s. Should opt for the latest 64GB if you really want to be in shooting 4k videos on the go.


Foremost point is that, the 16GB iPhone features about 12GB or so of usable storage space. 4K video uses 375MB of storage for every minute of recorded video. Not so quirky, the 4K video will however eat through 12GBs of storage space in relatively short order. Mathamatically, “shooting just 32 minutes of 4K video would completely exhaust 12 gigabytes of storage”. If you are capturing 32 minute video of dancing, or baseball game etc – would completely fill up a 16GB iPhone 6s space, and reminding you nothing left to store other files on your phone.

Users aren’t forced to shoot 4K video. Apple has made it so that we have the option of switching between 720p at 30fps, 1080p (30 or 60 fps), or 4K at 30fps. Lesser resolution videos use a lot less storage per minute than 4K videos, admit it.

Here’s the full break down:


Look at how much storage you’ll need for just 60 seconds of 4K video: 375MB. For comparison, the same minute of 1080p video needs just 130MB, or 60MB in 720p.

  • 720p30 = 60MB/minute (1MB/second)
  • 1080p30 = 130MB/minute (2.2MB/second)
  • 1080p60 = 200MB/minute (3.3MB/second)
  • 4k30 = 375MB/minute (6.25MB/second)

If you want to take full advantage of the iPhone’s new capabilities, we can only suggest you purchase 64GB iPhone 6s it at all possible. For shooting 4K videos extentively on your iPhone, then go ahead and opt for a 128GB iPhone 6s, which will honor your device with 120GB of usual space, which means you’ll be able to shoot 320 minutes of 4K videos (5.3 hours) before filling your space.


When compared to 64GB iPhone, which got somewhere in the ballpark of 155 minutes (2.5 hours) of 4K video, but 128GB is where it’s at for extra-prolific video shooter. What next?

iPhone 6s 4K Video Sample And How Much 4K Content You Can Shoot On It:

Note: Switch to 2160p (4K) to watch it in full high-resolution quality

Admittig it the fact, the iPhone will you opt for during Saturday morning’s pre-order frenzy? Think before what you opt for, 128GB, 64GB or 16GB iPhones. Here’s the pricing list of the first-wave of Factory Unlocked / SIM -free iPhone 6s in your region.

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