How To Disable Press Home To Unlock / Open On iOS 10 Lock Screen



Trick on how to disable iOS 10 Press home to unlock / open on the lock screen and revert it back to iOS 9-style one-click unlocking on your device.

Here’s the simple way! If you’ve been using the second-generation Touch ID sensor embedded in the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, or iPad Pro, then you can recognize it how quickly it reacts to the detection of a stored fingerprint to unlock the device. No wasting time, the new inclusion of iOS 10 brings the ability a bit faster, or else you’ve ended up on Home screen. iOS 10 changes that with its “Press home to unlock / open” functionality and “Raise to Wake” functions, but that may not suit everyone’s needs.

Are you running your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch on iOS 10, but really don’t want to interact with the new way to unlock your device, then you can always fall back to the tried and trusted default method of resting your finger onto the Touch ID/Home button via Apple’s Accessibility settings in iOS 10.

Here’s how you can revert back to the older, rest finger option, getting rid of the new “Press home to unlock” / “Press home to open” default feature.

Step 1: All the processes that involve changing, enabling or disabling something in iOS, it begins with the native Settings application. Launch the app to begin the process.

Step 2: Head to Settings, navigate to General > Accessibility.

Step 3: Accessibility is actually packed full of options and really excellent things that makes the iOS system a nicer place to customize. Head to the section titled Home Button. Tap on that cell to continue.


Step 4: At the bottom of the Home Button preferences is an option that’s titled Rest Finger to Open. Apple defines this feature as “open iPhone with Touch ID, without having to press the Home button.” Essentially, it takes the unlocking of the device back to the old method of simply resting the finger on the Touch ID/Home button. Toggle the Rest Finger to Open switch to the On position in order to enable this functionality and disable iOS 10’s default “Press home to unlock” / “Press home to open” feature.


In my thought, it would be the better way Apple introduced the default unlocking feature with the release of iOS 10. If you eventually get bored of this, and want to embrace iOS 10 in its entirity, then you can of course just toggle that setting Off to revert back to how iOS 10 is intended to work by design.

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