Downgrade iOS 9.3.4 To iOS 9.3.3 Right Way And Jailbreak While Apple Is Still Signing The Firmware


Apple has finally dropped a new version of firmware by releasing iOS 9.3.4 without a single pre-release seed in sight. iOS 9.3.4 is right now filtering its way through the network to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices around the world. Rolled out only a few weeks after issuing iOS 9.3.3 to the public, followed on form of several beta seeds. Latest iOS version particularly brings with it patch to the iOS 9.2-9.3.3 jailbreak released by Pangu Team and if you have accidentally upgraded to iOS 9.3.4, you have a way to revert back to the jailbreakable version iOS 9.3.3 in an easy way.

Here’s the way to rollback to iOS 9.3.3 while Apple is still signing the older firmware. Available in wonderful state for anyone who may have instantly regretted the decision to iOS 9.3.4 upgrade. First of all, the fact given that ios 9.3.4 seems to be nothing more than a security update that patches the vulnerabilities used to inject the latest jailbreaking solution by Pangu Team, it’s unlikely that it will actually have a determinate effect on device performance, such as scrolling content or battery life. If and if you found something like that, notified in performance through the upgrade process, then you can take solace in the fact that iOS 9.3.3 is still an option.

Considering it the fact that the existence of a working jailbreak payload for iOS 9.3.3 is something a big factor. Any device owners who may have been overcome with and upgraded to iOS 9.3.4 without actually common sence, and interested in jailbreak, will have no luck in that manner with iOS 9.3.4 now that we know that Apple has patched the jailbreak exploit within the platform.

iOS 9 iPhone and iPad

With that said, rolling back to iOS 9.3.3 right now while it’s still being digitally signed by Apple could not only solve any performance issues that may have been introduced with iOS 9.3.4, but nevertheless, will also guarantee that the device can be jailbroken. Make sure you grab the relevent iOS 9.3.3 IPSW for iPhone and iPad 64-bit models from here: Download iOS 9.3.3 IPSW For iPhone And iPad [Final Version], and simply follow instructions from Step 2 to Step 6 in our previous guide here, using iOS 9.3.3 where needed.

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