Download Popcorn Time iOS Installer For Mac, Released With Full Support [No Jailbreak Required]

Popcorn Time in the recent days blocked by the UK Court and said to go soon as Peer-to-Peer (P2P), and the ‘Netflix of torrents” is now ready to offer a wide variety of popular films and TV Shows for free, it’s hardly surprise. It has already made an announcement about serving up an iOS version of the app that runs on devices that aren’t jailbroken, similarly focused on the likes of MovieBox 3.3.1 that won’t require any jailbreak on iOS 8.3, and later. But the only limitation was that Windows users could take complete advantage, but now, the corresponding Mac version has landed.

You can now install Popcorn Time for iOS from your Mac following this simple step-by-step tutorial. Before that, you have to note that Popcorn Time on iOS is nothing particularly new, was only available to those who dared enter The Dark Side and jailbreak their devices.

Now that the Popcorn Time app is morphed into a version capable of running without jailbreak, uptake was naturally high, and in its first day alone, was apparently installed on over 100,000 iPhones, iPads and iPod touches to say some. The downloaded and installed number is pretty high.

Only last week, a UK court focused some of the country’s foremost ISPs to block access to Popcorn Time completely, and it’s worth considering that despite the larger user base on jailbroken and non-jailbroken iOS devices alike, the huge numbers only scratch the surface compared to the user stats on Google’s Android platform.

Besides accelerating the streaming of movies, the Popcorn Time dev team has a broader plan for its popular fork. The iOS installer enabling the app to be installed in the first place could, when made public, be used for other apps and decisions, potentially challenging the App Store as the sole portal for grabbing apps at stock level.

Currently, Popcorn Time for iOS can be installed through Mac. To get up and running, head over to and toggle to the OS X version. Download, install, and as oft-mentioned follow the steps as outlined, and in no time, you’ll have Popcorn Time running on your iOS device, finally.

Just be sure to use a VPN whenever you stream from Popcorn Time so your activity isn’t visible to everyone. This particular fork of Popcorn Time comes from the same team behind the jailbreak app and the Android app. You can load up the app on any iOS device using a custom installer.

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