Easy Way To Install Android N Preview OTA Update Via Android Beta Program, Here’s How

In a surprise today Google has pushed its new Android N 7.0 developer preview for those enthusiasts get easy access to beta releases of Google’s mobile OS. Also flicked the switch on its Android Beta Program, which works much like Apple’s public and developer iOS beta program offerings and allows users to enroll their Nexus devices for the current Android N preview releases and then download them purely over-the-air rather than having to rely on complex factory restore image flashing and of course to get rid of lengthy update root that entails.

It lets you try install Android N Preview OTA update on compatible Nexus devices, while you need to unlock the bootloader and flash the images manually. Enrolling into the Android Beta Program and N is about as simple as things bet, but here’s step-by-step guide just in case you’re new to the concept.

Step 1: Head to the Android Beta Program website and sign in with your Google account credentials.

Step 2: Now, you’ll be presented with all of the supported Nexus devices that have been signed into the account already. Simply select the one you want to enroll into the program by clicking the Enroll Device button below it.

Step 3: Accept the terms, and the stern warning about reverting back to Android Marshmallow, then click Join Beta.

Step 4: Wait for a system update notification to appear or navigate to Settings > About Phone > System updates to check it manually if an update has prompted.

Step 5: Download and update, and once it’s done, tap Restart & Install. It’s an OTA update, so your existing settings and data will remain untouched.

That is what you have to do for now. Once your device restarts, you should receive a confirmation on enrollment into the Android Beta Program.


Welcome to Android N!


All future beta releases of Android will however be ffered on enrolled devices as normal updates, meaning OTA updates will be available as new versions of the OS, which are made availanle to Android developers. Note that keeping up to date is very important when running beta versions of operating system, so having OTA updated pushing to devices on the beta program is a big feature.

Although you may be a bit excited that the new beta releases of Android is here, but it’s best not to install Android beta releases on your main devices. Nevertheless, you can simply opt-out of the program and return to the current stable release if you come across issues that you can’t afford to deal with on your daily runner.

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