Enable Classic MS-DOS Games Into Your Tweets, Here’s How To [Tutorial]

Games are those these days becoming more addictive, and definitely it should be because of its generation, fits into smartphones, PCs, tablets, laptops, and even on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter et al. Twenty years back, people were playing MS-DOS games, and today, no one cares. But we here got a reason to try it and play them even though, it’s not possible to embed a whole game into your tweet. More details on how you can embed Classic MS-DOS Games into your Tweet can be checked right after this jump.

No! Not the whole game, and you don’t forget that in many cases we’re talking about a couple of hundreds of KBs or a few MBs, which is nothing for  current amounts of data. The Internet Archive, a non-profit library which is better known for its Wayback Machine, has preserved a lot of MS-DOS games on its servers.

You will only need it to be shared (the web address) of such a game that’s hosted on their website into a tweet, and view it on the Web, then the embedded game will be playable with said tweet. This simple trick is very impressive, and your geeky friend play MS-DOS games on your Tweet.

Playing old MS-DOS games for free has been available for quite a while now, ever since the Internet Archieve had launched its MS-DOS software library, have games list of more than 2,600 titles, so there’s plenty to pick from. I found my choice of games to play and what about you?

(Via: Wired)

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