Exclusive iPhone X’s Animoji Feature Explained [Video Demo]

As far as the world of emoji is concerned, Apple turns that situation with other ideas. Animoji, a new feature announced alongside with the iPhone X as an exclusive one to the new Apple’s 2017 flagship smartphone.

Apple takes the colorful emoji to a new level that we all love and adds a new twist. Here are the details. As well as video demonstration explaining everything in action.

It’s wasn’t any surprise for many as Apple’s apparent obsession with emoji given already. Announced Animoji. a feature-rich addition that is best described as animated emoji. See what Apple did finally? Someone inside the company must have been very pleased with over that name.

Fortunate naming aside, Animoji is actually packed with some interesting technology. Of course, it is an iPhone X-exclusive feature is all down to the phone’s new front-facing camera system. It is also capable of mapping a face. Normally used for Face ID, the new TureDepth tech has been leveraged for Animoji too. It also allowing iOS to take on user’s facial expressions and then merge them with the emoji of their choice.

iPhone X Animoji Feature Explained And Demoed Finely

Resulting in an emoji that has the same expression as the person holding the iPhone. That’s something that’ll be great fun to use! The whole process analyzes more than 50 different muscle movements, detecting the movement of eyebrows, cheeks, chin, eyes, jaw, lips, ears and mouth.

At launch, Animoji will offer 12 different options for users and all of them are based on existing emoji that we are all more than familiar with: robot, monkey, cat, dog, alien, fox, poop, pig, panda, chicken, rabbit, and unicorn.

This exclusive feature for iPhone X, Animoji will be ready for when the new phone goes on sale. Pre-orders kick off on October 27. with the handset shipping to your home and stores on November 3rd.

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