Facebook Now Allows User Block Candy Crush Invites; Here’s How

No worry! Now that you will be fully able to block the already fed up annoying app and game invites from Facebook friends. Asking aka inviting you to play Candy Crush Saga game online with them. You can now block all such inturruptions from your requests and reminders. Thanks to Facebook for allowing users to block Candy Crush invites.

Here’s how you can do so. Just a click away, so lets get started with. Invitations to install apps or join games are in the list of top of the best frustrating feature on Facebook. Now, you can smash it with invites on a daily basis, and most apps make it quite easy to spam an entire friends list with these annoying alerts.

Now that, just opening your Settings menu on the Facebook Web client, click on the “Blocking” tab on the left sidebar. Under the heading “Block App invites,” type the name of that person on your friends list who have been inviting you for a long time with unwarranted invites. That’s it! Done!

Or, you can use this same page to block specific apps from contacting you entirely, and even prevent your friends from sending you an invite to play Candy Crush or similar game apps invites, requests.

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