Google Announces Security Keys For Google Drive And Work Accounts

Upcoming features that Google Drive for Work will be getting is the new admin console capabilities, which makes it easier and simpler to monitor and manage Security Keys. Google wants to make sure that people using Google Drive for Work are well protected, and where Security is very important, and in fact announced things like two-factor authentication in the past and now they are taking it one step further with the Security Key. More details on how to use USB Security Keys with your Google accounts can be thought right after this fold.


What actually is Security Key? It’s a physical key that is used to gain access to your Google account. USB Security Keys make 2-factor authentication simpler for Gmail and Google Accounts though. You can sign-in with a USB key without the mobile phone as well.

Here’s what Google says,

It sends an encrypted signature rather than a code, and ensures that your login cannot be phished. And using this key saves you time — when you need to verify your Google Account on a Chrome browser, the key’s light will flash. Just tap it and the signature sends automatically. In fact, when we rolled the Security Key out to Googlers last year, they loved that it was so much faster than when they had to enter a code

Within the next few weeks or so, Google Drive for Work admins will be able to roll-out the Security Key to their employees. It does not require any additional software installation to deploy, monitor, or manage the keys, and admins will be able to track where and when the employees are using the keys.

However, the Security Key pricing start at $6, and there will be a variety of models available from online retailer or directly from a manufacturers.

The above mentioned was all about Security Keys for Google Drive for Work and Accounts purposes, and below is a guide, that helps you securely use USB Security Keys with your Google accounts.

Almost all the big Web services like Gmail, Microsoft, Evernote, WordPress and Dropbox now support 2-step authentication to improve the security of your online accounts. Once two-factor authentication is enabled, not more malicious person will be able to log into your online account even if they know the password – they’ll however need access to your mobile devices as well to get in.

You can watch the video here so that you can get some idea on how this works. The verification codes requires for logging into a 2-step enabled account can be generated either using a mobile app – such as Google Authenticator – or you can have them sent to your mobile phone via the text message or a voice call. The latter option won’t work if the mobile phone assiciated with your account is outside the coverage area.

Or else you can go the either way to make the process of logging into 2-factor enabled account Google less clumsy. Instead of generating the verification codes on your phones, you can use a hardware based authenticator that can be inserted into a USB port on your computer and you’ll be signed-in automatically without having to type the digits.

Options that work for both Google and Google Apps accounts and you won’t ever need a mobile phone for this. You can choose the expensive Yubico key or any other from here.

First and foremost is to associate the USB Security key with your Google account. Go to, now, click on 2-step verification and then switch to the Security Keys tab. Later click the Register Device button and then insert the USB key into the computer to attach it to your account.

Once registered, you can use your USB security key to log into your Google Account from any desktop, Laptop, PC without requiring the mobile phone. Simply open the Google login page, type in your username & password, click the Sign-in button and then insert the USB key. When the lights blink on the device, you need to only tap it once, and it will instantly log you into the account. Internally, the key generates the codes that are sent to Google servers and you are logged in.

Finally, the USB security keys do not require any software and are pretty much compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS et al. No need of batteries, and are just like tiny regular USB thumb drive and also rigid.

Notably, you can by using the USB security key can associate multiple Google Accounts with the same USB key which can be a big timesaver for many users out there..

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