Benchmarks: Google Pixel / Pixel XL Vs Apple iPhone 7 / 7 Plus Speed Comparision

Here is a performance perspective regarding Google Pixel / Pixel XL phones Vs Apple iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus benchmarks in speed, durability etc.

Google has finally made an impressive job when introducing the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones during the recent event, and if early benchmarks are to be trusted then it somewhat appears that Apple doesn’t have a great deal to worry about from a performance perspective. Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL are the two new non-Nexus branded phones which actually garnered with a great deal of early attention and interest, but what the Geekbench shows up is more to consider now.


Early benchmarks from Geekbench 4 suggests that Apple’s iPhone 7 and 7 Plus easily beat the Pixel phones by Google on bothy single and multi-core tests, with even older Apple hardware like the iPhone SE and iPhone 6s outperforming the yet-to-be-released Google devices.

Google’s new hardware, which is being manufactured by HTC, undoubtedly be a good choice for some as it come equipped with best features from a hardware/software combination perspective, but then again for some, the real value is in how the device originally performs.

Benchmark tests generally shows up how good a device is at performing, and tips an indication at how the hardware will compete in the real-world situations. With that in mind, check out this right now.

Both the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, when ran through Geekbench 4, returned a single-core of around 1550, and 4000 multi-core return. By comparison, Apple’s iPhone 7 showed a multi-core score of around 5500, and a single-core score of around 3500, which is significantly higher than what Google’s new hardware is capable of achieving. The Pixel numbers also tie in nicely with the earlier published scores that officially made it into the public domain from earlier in September prior to Google’s hardware announcement.


Now that the interesting part here is that Apple’s older hardware, such as the 2015 iPhone 6s and 2016 iPhone SE, also defeats the Pixel smartphones in both single-core performance, indicating that Apple’s hardware in general has a more capable raw processing capability than Google’s newly announced flagships.


Two new Google’s Pixel phones are equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU of 821 variety, with an accompanying 4GB of RAM, Apple’s latest iPhone 7 range ships with an Apple A10 Fusion SoC, compete with two high-performing cores, and two cores dedicated to efficiency, with 2GB RAM in iPhone 7 and 3GB RAM in 7 Plus.

This won’t be an instant indicator of how the Pixel phones will perform in the real-world, but gives a definite metric to take into account when ordering.

UPDATE: We now have a real-world speed test video comparison between Pixel and iPhone 7 Plus which not only confirms the benchmark difference in two devices, also shows the performance different between the two. Watch it here:

(Source: Geekbench)

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