An Upgrade iPhone 7 Storage To 512GB Hack Video Is Here, Check It Out [How]

How one can upgrade their iPhone 7 internal storage to 512GB using this do-it-yourself (DIY) hack video mod. In this tutorial we will explain you everything in an easy way.

Have you ever checked Apple’s online store, viewed at a 512GB iPad Pro, and thought why you can.’t buy any of the company’s iPhone models with the same storage configuration? First reason is because, it’s too expensive to buy, and secondary, Apple doesn’t actually believe there is a big market for an iPhone with that level of storage. Nevertheless, if you did want an internal project like this, then rest assumed that it is actually possible to modify an iPhone 7.

Before you jump into, it’s important to remember in this instance as this modification process involves removing the existing NAND storage chip from Apple’s iPhone 7 and manually installing a brand new module which carries a whopping 512GB of storage. Not everywhere available, but this particular chip goes on sale in China and can actually be imported into a different country if you aren’t from that particular region. However, like we said, it doesn’t otherwise mean you should, but you can.

The process itself involves removing existing and official components in the form of the original NAND chip. It also involves many more manipulations and soldering to get the new chip integrated in place. There’s no need for a lot of tools that the average iPhone 7-owning individual simply will not have in their toolkit. Or even removing the back of the device will immediately void any warranty of the iPhone 7, so imagine what removing components and attempting to solder in non-official components would do? Well, it would actually just void the warranty, but you get our drift, right?

That’s said, if you actually have the knowledge, get the installation process right, then you will end up with an iPhone 7 complete with an impressive 512GB of internal storage. But again, that is a big if.

For details, check out the video below carefully.

(Source: Federico Cerva [YouTube])

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