How To Count Calories Burnt Using Google Fit Health Tracker [Download Links]

The Google’s new health initiative is called Google Fit, which tracks all you health metrics, sleep, steps etc. Announced this service a year ago and ultimately, tells users for how long they have been actrive. Now, Google Fit adds distance tracking, calroie estimates to the service app, will give much info regarding many activity trackers, directly from the user’s smartphone without requiring it to buy an additional accessory after all. More details on how you can estimate calories with Google Fit health tracker can be grabbed right after this fold.

Google Fit makes every step count on the go, track distance, estimates calories burnt etc
With new update, Google Fit gets a step forward and by adding distance calculator and the approximate number of calories burnt, you’ll be nevertheless get more of your health activity, and eventually, users will have to update their profile with weight, height, and gender.

Google Fit is now updated to the latest version of 1.52. App, that can now track the distance you walked and let them know how many calories they have burnt in covering the particular distance. Af aforementioned, users need to feed their gender, height and weight, and the rest will be done by Google calculations. Grouping the fitness histories by days, weeks and months is also possible for users.

However, when considering Google Fit, is unlikely to be a more accurate as fitness band which is wrapped around your wrist at all the times, whereas the phone doesn’t have such integration. The firm has also added an Android Wearable watch face that carries similar functions. From now onwards, Google Fit gets a watch face for Android Wear smartwatches on the go as well.

Now with a quick glance at your phone or watch, you’ll be able to see how close you are to your goal and stay motivated,” says the Google blog post.

Users can wait for the TA update to arrive or can even download APK file provided below. Finally, the whole news is all about Google Fit gets distance tracking, estimate calories burnt counter, Androd Wear watch face and more to dig.

You can now download Google Fit for Android – Live from Google Play Store. For Google Fit 1.52 APK from here.

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