How To Get Android Lollipop UI On iOS 8 With Andrios Tweak [Video]

Simpler way already there and when we talk about custom ROMs like CyanogenMod for Android, and on iPhone, tweaks hits the Cydia Store shelves to customize using Winterboard skin packs, but requires your iOS device a full-fledged jailbreak scene. Apart this deciding on which way to go for an iPhone or an Android is a bit difficult from the likes of Samsung and HTC has never been so easy task that is today. With Android Lollipop, phone makers are now finally putting hardware out that can compete with the iPhone but Apple now is also shipping larger handsets to rival, making itself a top place over which to buy isn’t as simple as it once was. Although, we are not great at making decisions at the best of times. Lucky enough, decided to go the iPhone route for whatever reason then you may still be able to get some flavor of Android Lollipop look and feel thanks to the kind of jailbreak tweaks. Want more? Stau tuned!


The one that today has our attention is called Andrios, and it’s more than a jailbreak tweak in that it’s actually a collection of different mini-tweaks all rolled into one.

Once you install Andrios on your device, you will be able to decide which elements of the tweak are enabled, but suffice it to say that when everything is switched on the iOS that sits beneath Andrios will be all but gone. It might not strictly be Android, but at worst it’s rather pleasant amalgamation of the pair of them.


What you will get once you have installed Andrios is toggles for things like a new power menu, additional search wifget and a raft of configuration options that can be activated by dragging down from the top of the screen when the heavy skinned Notification Center is in view. Turned on, the whole thing really does live up to that Andrios name.


You can customize your choice of certain parts of Andrios active at any given time which will be great for those that just want to dip their toe into the water. No, it’s not a freeware Cydia tweak, but it costs $3.99 which isn’t expensive given the development time and effort that must have gone into Andrios so we encourage you to at least check it out.

Wtach the entire embedded video here courtesy Twe4kz, you will at least have an idea on what to expect in excahnge for your case – Andrios on iPhone to brings Android Lollipop UI on-board for USD$ 3.99.

You will never wait to see what Andrios’ developer comes up with next. Andrios will be available on BigBoss repo on Cydia.


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