How To Get iPhone 6s Retina Flash On To Any Unsupported iPhone Models

Don’t worry about not having iPhone 6s hands-on, as it brings with it plethora of new phone’s features that didn’t get a lot of headlines was its front-facing flash or to be more accurate, its ability to replicate one. For Selfie-lovers, anyone with iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus can test for themselves, turning on flash and taking a photo with the front-Facetime camera will see the iPhone’s screen flash in lieu of a proper hardware flash and, as it tunrs out, it works surpringly very well. Today we are going to show you something about the 6s-like front-facing flash can be ported into any of unsupported models that runs iOS on-baord, such as you can through it on iPhone 6, 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, 4S etc.

Using iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, then its great and if you carry one of Apple’s old devices then you’re out of luck. No, it is possible now, unless you either want to jailbreak your iPhone or use a third-party app that does its best to achieve what the iPhone 6s does in order to brighten the scene for shots taken with that FaceTime cam.


Here we got two options on how it work:

Retina Flash for jailbreak users:

In order to replicate an iPhone’s hardware screen flash brightly isn’t anything new and FrontFlash tweak has been doing it for years. A jailbreak app available from Cydia, the tweak will turn the screen on iPhone to a maximum brightness and display a white screen in in order to recreate what a flash is capable. Point to be noted is that it’s not a fancy technology of the iPhone 6s, so the color of the flash won’t be as suited to the individual situtaion, but it’s better than nothing. FrontFlash has been around for a long time now, supports iOS 9.

FrontFlash adds feature to the stock Camera app in iOS and is the closest thing available to Apple’s iPhone 6s Retina Flash on unsupported models of iPhone.

FrontFlash is available for free and can be downloaded from the BigBoss repository in Cydia.

Retina Flash without jailbreak:

There are certain apps in iTunes store that will make your display screen a flash light. If jailbreaking isn’t your thing, then you can have this third-party app called Take Selfies FREE is an iOS app that allows users to take photos using the FaceTime camera, but with the set up to let in as much light as possible, when taking the photo.


(Download: Take Selfies FREE for iPhone from iOS App Store)

Selfshot is another app sitting on the App Store, which also enables a user to take selfies and videos in the darkest atmosphere like a party or a dance club. It also serves a premium version that includes: self-timer and burst mode. The illuminated screen would thereby help you haveĀ better lit-up, clearer selfies by flashing your face with the white light illuminated by the screen.

Selfie-Shot-FREE-app(Get: SelfShot for iPhone, iPad from iOS App Store)

Happy to do away with dim Selfies by getting this Front-facing Retina Flash on any iPhone?

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