How To Protect Your Google Account Using Password Alert Chrome Extension [Download]

Google has launched a new Chrome extension called Password Alert which will warn you if a website that you type your sign-in information into isn’t a legitimate Google sign-in page. Protect your Google accounts using USB Security key is here, and with this new release, Google is really helping many from entering their details on a phishing page, and if that continues, people are already there to hack and steal your personal information through carefully crafted phishing attacks. More details on how to get Password Alert, installed on your PC can be grabbed right after this fold.

Before we go talk about the oft-mentioned Google account protector, we have admit that we use our emails to store and send sensitive info, and we don’t always take the right measures to protect it. But we can search the Internet Web for the best protective tools, and you follow all the security advice, hence, there’s still some risk involved in third-party services, b’cause that is the world we live in. Using Gmail to communicate, and Google really don’t want us to be prey to phishing attacks, Password Alert has it been rolled out by Google. Now available for download as a free Chrome extension which nevertheless protects your Google and Google Apps for Work accounts. What next?

Once installed, the Chrome extension saves a “scrambled” version of your account password, Google says. This scrambled version is stored to verify your identity and isn’t shared with anyone else. Enter your Gmail or Google for Work password into anywhere other than, you’ll now receive an alert or you will be able to change your password if needed.

Password Alert detects fake Google log-in pages and chary you before you’ve typed in your password, so that you don’t fall prey for online fraudsters. But it will initialize itself the next time you enter your password into Below is the screenshot on how you will receive a notification.

phishing_caught                                             Unwittingly type your password into a phishing site, you’re met with a pop-up, like the one above, telling you to go and change your password.

Notably, you need to know that downloading Password Alert and installing doesn’t store your passcodes or keystrokes but rather it keeps a secure thumbnail of your password, which it compares against a thumbnail of your most recent keystrokes inside the Chrome browsers. Password Alert only works inside Google Chrome web browser when JavaScript is enabled and it also won’t protect passwords for non-Google services, like Yahoo, Bing, or Amazon et al. Administrators can find more information in the Help Center.

You can now download Password Alert to protect your Google Accounts from here.

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