Here’s How To Record Phone Calls On iPhone Without Jailbreak [Tricks]

There are several tips that Apple just doesn’t allow users to do things on iOS, which means that unless you are willing to go the jailbreak route and deal with third-party games that it can bring, you’re unfortunately out of this fun. Recording phone calls is one lucky things, and while there are plenty of legitimate reasons to want to record a telephone call, Apple simply refuses to make it possible or even tolerable on iOS.

Currently, those willing to jailbreak their iPhones can record calls without too many issues, but the catch here is that jailbreaking isn’t for all. Anyone happen to be jailbreak-averse but still have a real need to record calls, you’re very much stuck.

Very recently, we come across a trick that claimed to receive steps for recording a call on an iPhone without the need to jailbreak and that has us intrigued. In fact, we set it about testing the method and, as it turns out legitimate, the tipster is right again – following the method below, you can actually record calls on iPhone without jailbreaking. Magic go round now!

Here are the instructions to jump through.

Step 1: On your iPhone, launch the stock Phone app and initiate a new call. Once a call is connected, tap on the Add Call option.

Step 2: Call your own phone number now. This will cause the call to your voicemail. Make sure your network supports iPhone’s Visual Voicemail feature and check it whether it’s enabled for your number in order for this trick to work.

Step 3: After voicemail recording begins, tap on the new Merge Calls option. So that the call you made in step 1 will now be merged with the call you made to your own number in step 2, essentially recording the whole conversation to your voicemail.

Alternatively! You are done perfectly. You can find the recorded voicemails in Phone app’s Voicemail tab. You can even choose to share that recording via the usual networks or save them for futrther reference using the Share button found in the top-right corner under the voicemail tab.

In wisdom, it’s actually very simple and, dare we say it, obviously ultimate tip. But hey, everything is simple when you know how to do it!


(Thanks: RedmondPie)

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