How To Take Screenshots On The iPhone X Without Home Button, Here’s The Answer

Here’s how to take screenshots on the iPhone X when there is no Home button? Taking screenshots is still as easy as on the iPhone X, simply using the volume up button is the answer.

With the Home button gone now on iPhone X. Turns out that the device offers a new way to capture screenshots. And of course the simplest way, though.

Apple announced its highly-anticipated tenth-anniversary phone, the iPhone X during the media event. The team has also taken the opportunity to show off the main highlighting features of the device ‘X’ on-stage. There was one not-so-new feature that we have been wondering about since that announcement.

Taking screenshots is not a new one on smartphone, but with the method of taking a screenshot on iOS devices having historically been a case of pressing the sleep/wake and Home buttons simultaneously. What’s interesting and confusing is how do we do it on the iPhone X when there is no Home button to speak of?

And How it works on iPhone X?

Screenshot is a very quick way to capture the contents of the screen for later use. On the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, there’s straightforward way to take screenshots. Simply by pressing the side button and the Home button at the same time. But that isn’t the case with iPhone X doing, because it doesn’t have a Home button.

However, the Home button is replaced by the volume up button on the iPhone X. Taking screenshots is still an easy method now as well. That means you still have to press two buttons simultaneously, including the volume up button and the side button.

So, pressing the volume up button and the sleep/wake button, now apparently called the “side button” is the new way to look forward. Remember that folks, you’ll need it come November 3rd.

Everything else that follows should be identical on every iOS device running iOS 11. Once a screenshot is captured, a thumbnail will be generated in the lower right corner. And you can click it to annotate before saving it. If you don’t have iOS 11 installed on your iOS devices, you will soon see what that means.

Yes, there’s a downside of taking screenshot on the iPhone X. At least according to what the iPhone X simulator currently has to offer:

There is still a confusion to just how screenshots will appear when taken on an iPhone X. The developers believe that there will be a notch at the top of the screenshot, as there is a notch in the display to house Apple’s new sensor systems, others disagree.

Right now, people around the world are using the iPhone simulator in order to form their opinions. First of all waiting for a real iPhone X to have a screenshot shared before we conclude anything for sure. But examples posted have shown the notch there as well as no notch at all. For now, we’re simply going to sit tight before making any judgement on that matter. What do you say?

(Image sources: Guilherme Rambo [Twitter], Benjamin Mayo [Twitter])

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