How To Unjailbreak iOS To Stock Without Updating To Latest Version Using Cydia Impactor

Now that Cydia Impactor is out for jailbroken devices. Lets you restore iOS to stock setup without using Restre functionality in iTunes, without updating to the latest version of iOS firmware, and without losing the ability of iPhone, iPad jailbreak – all on the same version of iOS.

Actually when you will need to use Cydia Impactor? Detailed in this post here: Cydia Impactor Lets User Unjailbreak iOS Without Updating To Latest Version. This means that all the jailbreak packages installed will be removed along with the jailbreak itself while remaining on the same iOS version.

Cydia Impactor released in beta and compatible with iOS 8.3 to iOS 8.4 and will not work with the new iPod touch 6. Works with all iPhone, iPad and ipod touch models except the before mentioned. Below are the instructions you need to follow.

Here’s a step by step guide on to unjailbreak iOS on your jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch using Cydia Impactor.

Step 1: On your jailbroken device, launch Cydia and install Cydia Impactor.


Step 2: Backup all of your data to either iTunes or iCloud.

Step 3: Turn off ‘Find My iPhone’ from Settings -> iCloud -> Find My iPhone.

Step 4: Plug-in your device, and make sure it is more than 50% charged.

Step 5: Now launch Cydia Impactor.

Step 6: Tap on ‘delete all data and unjailbreak device’ at the bottom of the screen, followed by tapping on ‘Delete All’.


Step 7: Unjailbreak process will now begin. Just be patient and wait for the process to complete. It depends on the data on the device and number of jailbreak tweaks installed, which could result to take time.

Once over, the jailbreak, all of the data and the settings will be successfully removed from the device. It will go back to stock and original setup. You will be greated with the familiar looking ‘Hello’ welcome screen of iOS from where you can set up your device and Activate it again.


If you want to re-jailbreak, you can do so using available jailbreak tools, TaiG for Windows and PP for Mac.

For tutorials on how to jailbreak iOS 8.4:

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