iOS 10 Adds 100 New Emoji Characters Officially, Here Are The Details

Apple has seeded iOS 10 beta 4 to developers as a mandatory and also made official with full of new features and system improvements that were already mentioned as part of this year’s WWDC 2016. With that said, a list of salient changes and tweaks that the latest beta arguably the one that will garner the most attention given the iPhone and iPad’s populairty. The beta release is a developer pre-release seed rather than one for public consumption. But nevertheless, it’s worth having a quick look just to see what Apple is tweaking all over the beta process.


Let’s check it out: what’s new or changed in this fourth beta release, then.

100 New Emoji


The update comes with 100 new emijis, including those for additional diversity and gender equality. The California-based Cupertino company has made an announcement to let iOS device owners know that iOS 10 will be coming with more than one hundred new and redesigned emoji characters when it launched for everyone this coming fall.

Over the last few months that has been a big discussion as part of Unicode 9.0 release. The possible addition of new emoji charatcters within the upcoming iOS 10 platform, making it publickly known, Apple’s redesigned platform will bring a whole new era of latest characters that can be used throughout all messaging applications that support the native iOS 10 keyboard. Those new characters will definitely include a number of updated emoji based on existing ones, as well as a range of new characters designed specifically to reflect “the diversity of people everywhere.”:

This exciting update brings more gender options to existing characters, including new female athletes and professionals, adds beautiful redesigns of popular emoji, a new rainbow flag and more family options.

Apple is working closely with the Unicode Consortium to ensure that popular emoji characters reflect the diversity of people everywhere.

Depending on the prospective part of the update, Apple fairly looking at to not only give iOS device owners experiencing iOS 10 the chance to better communicate with new and existing emoji, but it is also looking forward to work directly with the Unicode Consortium to release new characters that accuracy represent and portray the awesome gender and fastly diverse world that we all live in today.

Look at them right now to witness how stunning some of the new emoji characters will look when they really make it onto all iOS 10 devices later on. Here are some of them to experience:

Other new features and changes include in iOS 10.

Haptic Feedback For manual Lock Has Been Removed

This was used when the device was manually locked using the Sleep/Power button, Haptic feedback has now been removed. Originally introduced with iOS 10 beta 3 almost two weeks ago from today. Why Apple decided to remove it in the latest beta 4 seed for developers is unknown, but at least for now. There is chance it could very much possiblly make a comeback in later beta seeds, or before the final version of iOS 10 shisp to everyone this fall. Fingers crossed that it makes a return in beta 5!

New Keyboard Sound

Again there’s a new and updated keyboard sound. This was first introduced in the initial beta release and trashed in second and re-added in beta 3. In beta 4, the sound is different now. At least it’s till there!

Fast Folder Animations

Folders open/close animations are carried out rapidly faster, making iOS itself feel noticeably quicker to use.



Some popular iOS wallpapers have been removed and some of those have returned from the iOS 8 days. Of all the things Apple could work on.

Data Widget


The data widget has come back again to its actual place inside the Notification Center / Lock screen widget area from Beta 1. No longer will we have to restart to checking the Calendar app to see what day it is!

Control Center Splash Page


Now features a brand new splash page, Control Center telling users what it is there for.

Minor UI Tweaks

In Accessibility > Color Filters, the color grid has been replaced by a foray of colored pencils. Control Center icons for the Home app too have been tweaked once again.

It seems like Apple spend its time polishing iOS 10 and fixing bugs than adding new functionality, or removing it, for that matter. Nothing Earth-shattering there, else this!

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