Jailbreak: iOS 10 Has Already Been Jailbroken [Video]

For iOS 9.3.2 it has never seen the sunlight nor released to the public, and still weeks away from the first public beta of iOS 10, that wouldn’t stop iH8sn0w to demonstrate a jailbroken iOS 10 on iPhone 5. Apple has made it harder to jailbreak iOS 10, but the well known Canadian developer and hacker who has given so much to the jailbreak community in the past through tools like iFaith and Sn0wbreez, has once again proved that iOS 10 is indeed vulnerable to jailbreak exploits by posting a video that his jailbroken iPhone 5 running Apple’s first pre-release seed beta of iOS 10.

Those jailbreak fans who regularly follow the postings of respected JB community figureheads will likely have expected a video like this to come sooner rather than later. Although the developer has earlier posted a tweet which was not long after Apple released the first beta of iOS 10, claiming that “Cydia doesn’t crash on iOS 10”.


First of all, iOS 10 is only five days into its existence and isn’t actually due for final release until later this year in September. There’s also the fact that iH8sn0w’s jailbreak is shown running on a 32-bit iPhone 5 device, not one of the latest 64-bit devices from Apple. Talking about reality here that the jailbreak video is simply designed to show that it is possible to do, and that developer may otherwie choose to keep it for his own research and usage purposes rather than issue it to the world.

Alternatively, it’s also means the bigger picture in mind that suggests this jailbreak could be used as a platform to accelerate finding a solution for public that would not only be applicable to iOS 10, but to latest 64-bit devices like the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

Video teaser follows hot on the heels of Italian developer Luca Todesco publishing his ‘GasGauge’ 0day exploit on Ghostbin, which is applicable to iOS 9.3.3 beta and lower firmwares.

Regardless of the current state of the jailbreak, enjoy the video embedded below which shows untethered iOS 10 beta jailbreak in action tickling on an iPhone 5:

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