How To Restore iOS 10.2 Without Updating Or Losing Jailbreak

As you all know by now Apple has stopped restore of iOS 10.3 and 10.2 update making it impossible to downgrade and jailbreak the devices. There are several other apps and tweaks available such as Cydia Eraser tool – offered by Jay Freeman – brings the ability to restore back to a stock version of iOS without actually having to upgrade from a firmware that was able to be jailbroken. Again, he is taking quite a long time to make Eraser compatible with the latest iOS 10 firmware versions, though something has stepped into the gap which essentially offers the same functionality, called OSRestoreX.

If you ever experiencing difficulties with your jailbreak? Use OSRestoreX to restore to iOS 10.2 without having to update to latest version, or losing jailbreak capability. This tutorial will show you exactly how to do so.

Step 1: First. Make sure that you have a full backup of the device that you are going to be working on. It’s something important to understand that talking about to do with jailbreaking, things can, and do, go wrong. Better to be safe than sorry. In this tutorial, we are restoring to a clean version of the firmware, all content will be removed so you do need an iCloud or iTunes backup of data.

Step 2: Once done, launch the Cydia Installer app, available to download for Windows and Mac systems. When the app launches and refreshes, navigate to Sources > Edit and then hit the Add button. Add the following repository URL: and then tap Add Source.

Step 3: Repeat the process, but this time add the following repo URL:

Step 4: Head into the Search functionality, within Cydia and search for the package named Stashing. This will show up as a package named Stashing for iOS 9.2 – 10.2. Install it.

Step 5: Go to Sources and tap on the recently added jailbreakhub source, followed on All Packages. Scroll down until you find a package named OSRestoreX. Installing this package will instantly set it to work erasing the necessary files. Only proceed and install if you made you mind clear. Once completed, the display will show some red and yellow text before crashing Cydia, which is because Cydia has just been erased even though you will still see the app icon on the Home screen.

Step 6: Launch Settings and navigate to General > Reset > Erase All Content & Settings. Select Erase iPhone and then Erase iPhone again.

After completion, you will find a familiar looking stock iPhone setup screen. You can follow through the wizard and get access to your device where you find yourself on the same firmware version but with stock setup without losing jailbreak ability as you are on same firmware version which you were previously jailbroken. Meaning that you can actually get back to jailbreaking once again if you wish.

Here’s Everything you need to know: