Run Android Apps On Windows, Mac OS X Using Chrome Browser, Here’s How

Anticipation still exists when talking about the interest running Android apps on a desktop operating system, like Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. I get it, after all – it would be cool to get Android apps working on a PC, but is there any practical use for it? Indeed, because a newly-released Google extension for the Chrome browser allows you to eventually run Android apps on platform theoretically as Chrome apps on virtually any desktop OS that supports Google’s browser. Called ARC Welder, extension that makes the process of running Android APKs on your PC dead simple.

Google after launching a limited App Runtime for Chrome (ARC) in September, now looks like expanding its beta project to allow Android apps to run on Windows, OS X, and Linux platforms. Perhaps, its an early experiment designed particularly for developers, but nevertheless, anyone can boot an APK of an existing Android app and launch it on the aforementioned platforms, even on Chromebook, to say.

Before we go into the details on how you’d go about usinh ARC Welder for Chrome on your system to run Android APKs, let;s take a quick peek at how it actually works. The Chrome extension uses Google App Runtime, which is the same environment that dedicated Chrome apps like Evernote, Vine etc, employ for the Chrome OS. ARC Welder does the same thing, but extends it to everything that can run on Chrome browser.

Once installed ARC Welder on Chrome browser, you can load multiple apps by selecting the download ZIP option-in the extension. Extracting it and then enabling it developer mode to load the folder of the extracted APK. Thinking about a bit confusion, then follow our complete step-by-step instructions below.

Here’s how you can get up and running:

Step 1: Install the ARC Welder extension for your Chrome browser from here. Download link is a bit bigger one, but the installation process is just like any other extension.

Step 2: Launch the extension via the Chrome App Launcher, which will bring you to a fair, material-ist landing page asking for an APK.

Step 3: You will now need an APK that you want to run using ARC Welder. You can download any APK you want directly from the Play Store by using our guide: How To Download Android APK Files Directly From Play Store

Step 4: Once APK loaded, the extension will present a configuration screen that will let you choose orientation, phone/tablet mode, access level et al.

Step 5: When you’re good with your configuration, hit the Launch App button, and that’s it – enjoy playing with your Android app running on your PC – for the most part.

As we already mentioned about the expansion that’s specifically meant for developers to test out apps and even code them to work on larger screens across platforms. Who knows; mayby ARC Welder‘s implementation of Google App Runtime might revolutionize the way we look at Android APKs, but nonetheless, it’s a fun extension to use and try different apps with.

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