This Is What Expected From iPhone 6s And 6s Plus Versus Other High-End Smartphones [Video/Photos]

Before you go buy iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, you will defenitely consider the details and innards for how best these new Apple’s iOS smarttphones are capable against the all new high-end and top specced handsets available in the market worldwide. So, we have decided to show you some video clips and photographs on whaich both the new smaller and larger iPhones are beefed with.

Today is the day that consumers can walk into physical Apple Store for the first time and experience the iPhone 6s hands-on. Just yesterday, we’ve placed a new YouTube video where it was shown the iPhone 6s Plus bendgate, resulting that it is difficult to bend it because of its 7000 series aluminum casing. And followed by the drop and durability test on both the iPhones.


How durable are iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus? First drop test videos for both of Apple Inc smartphones are in and the answer is right here. The decision to build the hardware with higher-grade 7000 series aluminum was taken by Apple in an effort to give the hardware a more premium feel. The new aluminum have on the overall durability and strength of the new iPhone. Contains the strongest glass ever used on any mobile device. In order to achieve more consistent drops, the 6s is dropped to the floor on its back from an waist hiegt from on top of a wooden block. Apart from a small scuff to the shell of the Rose Gold iPhone, there’s was no damage meant. This demonstration also made with the larger iPhone 6s Plus, which have the ability to surviver a drop from the same height.

Both the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus suffered from a shattered display on the first drop, but the screen does remain fully functional.

Watch this durability and drop test here:

[source: PhoneBuff (YouTube)]

Now that both the iPhone 6s and 6 Plus compared for speed test. One YouTuber took an iPhone 6s Plus and managed to get it on camera alongside an iPhone 6 Plus, comparing the two for speed. Test showing that the 6s camera tends to load apps around 20% quicker than the last year’s model. It’s true that these tests are far from scientific, some may have expected to see more impressive load times, either.

Speaking about the Geekbench benchmarks, the 6s Plus shows CPU performance of around 1.6x faster than last year’s 6 Plus. What to concern is that the expectation of faster app loading may not be too unrealistic. On specifications end, it has received a lot of attention is the extra 1GB of RAM in the new phones, makinng it 2GB of RAM on both iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, which certainly won’t make a huge margin to app loadinng when differentiated, but switching between apps will see that they don’t need to reload data quite as often.

In this paricular video which doesn’t show the speed improvements in real world usage that some may have expected, and that what clear at this point.

Yet another test witnessed both the iPhone 6s Plus vs Galaxy S6 Edge+ camera aspect. This year Apple has proven to be no different, but the 6s Plus sports a highly capable 12 MP iSight camera sensor that serves up Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) not only for still photos and for videos, it can shoot panoramas up to 63-megapixels, has True Tone flash and even features the ability to capture Selfie shots with the FaceTime 8MP camera, while receiving 4K video captures. Forgot, it still has added capability to capture Live Photos. Final word is it’s turly a capable beast.

When compared it with Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+, the Korean company’s impressive phone is complimented by a 16-megapixel camera, also offering Optical Image Stabilization, autofocus, and a highly capable LED flash. In recent years, Apple as well as Samsung have placed their complete errort on photography department on the smartphones, understanding that the majority of users appriciate a highly capable combination of camera-based hardware and software.

Instance shown below of stunning images captured using the rear camera on iPhone 6s Plus and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+. Photographs have been captured outdoors in a plethora of different locations during daytime. Conclusion here is that has been reached by those putting the devices through their paces is that on definite winner really can’t be reached. Possitive for consumer.



iPhone 6s Plus (at top) vs Galaxy S6 Edge+ (at bottom) – (source and images courtesy: The Verge)

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