Tips: Fix Battery Percentage Not Updating Issue On iPhone 6s / 6s Plus, Here’s How

Smartphones all around the world has problems like this one on which Apple is investigating on the issue with iPhone 6s and 6s Plus battery nt updating the actual percentage. Software-related bugs can often be a big pain, specifically when they do strange things, like what it has admitted inside the Apple’s new iPhones. Not the first time, Apple suffered with more than its fair share found in its iPhone operating system and that too relating to the clock and its inability to place fairly during clock-changing season. Now that a new bug captured, stopping some iOS users from seeing up-to-date battery percentages.

A new support document posted by Apple, addressing that an issue some iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus users are reporting that the percentage figure on their handsets is not updating accurately, meaning that they’re unable to check out how much juice they have left, which is certainly a bad one, even with the larger battery in the 6s Plus. Users have also been experiencing with the similar percentage of battery displayed in the status bar on their displays not exactly updating as the battery drains.

The company however notes it is investigating the issue and working on a solution very soon. Although if that’s the case then it relates to the iPhone’s clockl and is intensified by users who move between timezones a lot or set their iPhone’s time manually. iOS device owners experiencing the problem are advised to restart their devices and make sure the time is being automatically set in Settings. Tip, that can help you better as a fix, apparently.

To fix it, up until Apple solves the problem in an upcoming release of iOS, you will need is just reboot your phone and then have iOS set the time automatically by heading to Settings > General > Date & Time and select the relevant option. For now.


iPhone users are recommended to do not change timezones very often, and if you do so, this is what you’re going to face in the future. A lengthy discussion thread in Apple’s forums reveals a number of users running into similar problem.

Many of the users experiencing the issue had been manually adjusting their phones’ clock settings in order to bypass timer-based barriers in certain games, and Apple’s suggestion about ensuring the time is being set automatically indicates the battery issue is indeed likely related to clock settings.”

For now Apple’s iOS 9.3 beta 1 release is out, possibly be a later beta or the shipping version will include a fix for this issue. Just make sure that you have fully charged your iPhone while you gonna wait for the fix from Apple, patiently. You may go this way: Tricks To Fix iPhone 6s Battery Drain, Here’s How You Can Do So.

(source: Apple)

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