Transform iPhone 6 Into An Iron Man Edition Using This $25 Skin [Video]

In order to play with Samsung newly announced limited edition Iron Man themed Galaxy S6 Edge in a partnership with Marvel Entertainment to the Asian market, iPhone 6 is no far than it to get the similar red and gold skin to mimic the look and feel of the iconic Avengers got by the Galaxy S6 Edge Ironed yesterday in South Korea, with the Chinese and Hong Kong markets to follow in the next upcoming weeks. Jealous of how amazing that device looks, but happen to be on hand with an iPhone owner who really doesn’t want to part with two weeks worth of salary to buy a themed Android device, then the new “Hero Series” wraps could be just the best accessory that you need for your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus now. Grab it, and details on how to can be checked right after this jump.

No denying that the Samsung – Marvel collaboration has produced an extremely impressive looking Iron Man themed Galaxy S6 Edge that far beyond appeals to the inner superhero that dwells within all of us. Indeed, it also comes with fully equipped with an Arc Reactor themed wireless charging device that just adds the finishing touch to an already fantastic and alluring limited edition product. Considering that its limited Asian availability and that said assosiated price tag it’s clearly not the perfect choice for everyone, which is why the new Hero Series wraps\skins from Slickwraps could be the next top most alternative for those on your budget. Hold on!

The Slickwraps Hero Series offers a full body wrap for the iPhone 6, 6 Plus – complete with the iconic Iron Man colors obviously. The product itself is perfectly manufactured to fit the size, shape and controls of Apple’s current flagship device(s) with the main front and rear panels produced in the stunning red and Stan Lee‘s creation and the outer rim of the device looks awesome in yellow. Wraps almost, regardless of device, are produced with a state-of-the-art metallic fake finish to give it an extremely premium feel. With tow color option available for the Apple logo, one on the rear of the device and another on the Home button on the front.


Cost for the iPhone 6 Plus, and iPhone 6 Wraps an extremely affordable $24.95 and you can even a wrap to theme an accompanying Lightning dock for an addition $4 when purchased with the wrap itself, or pay $9.95 when bought seperately. Imagin how an Apple created iPhone 6 would look like if produced in partnership with Marvel and designed to mimic one of the Avengers?

You can grab the skin from:

What do you say about buying an Iphone 6 Irin Man Limited Edition or going the short way with Slickwraps Hero Series for now? Share your experiences, if you have it.

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