Transform Your Apple Watch Into A Universal Remote Control, Here’s How

Guide that can turn your smart Apple Watch into an electronic device that can on-time take full control over your home appliances. How? About controlling your telivision set, DVD player, any type of audio streaming devices, and even the set-top box like Roku through your intelligent Apple Watch. Considering that a wearable device constantly wrapped around their wrist and connected to an iPhone, making it perfect sense with extended functionality it can act as a universal repote. It appears to be Peel.

Services and mobile offering is not new anymore, which has been around a while now. Peel, the company has just launched an update to its existing iOS app that includes compatibility with the Apple smartwatch by turning it into a fully fledged universal remote control, Watch. Features set and functionality is quite more powerful, but it still requires the purchase of the Pronto hardware that has always been extreme part of the Peel experience, be it from the iPhone or else, the Apple Watch.

The main company behind Peel is backed by behemoth Alibaba, has close to 135 million users across the globe via its existing smartphone apps. main keys to the service lies in the tiny Pronto piece of hardware that is basically a 360-degree IR blaster, which seamlessly connects to iOS apps, watchOS, and alphabatically Android devices to connect and control a number of entertainment devices.

Costs at a reasonable $49.90 and the device connects to those hardware using Bluetooth “Smart” tech built into it. Newly released Apple Watch extension is certainly the most speaks about convenience rather than offering the whole enhanced, full Peel experience. It also contains inclusions like movie and TV show recommendations based on previous watching habits.


The iOS version of Peel app for instance contains a full TV convoy that can be personalized to suite the user’s needs. And the extension to the Apple Watch takes a few of those perks and integrates them, but essentially then, offers a slimmed down rejoice for the smaller screen. However, it does manages to pack in a lot of power in an extremely slick, and an easy-to-use inerface.

For Pronto hardware purchase, if you don’t have it already. You can get it today for a simple lay-off for $49.99.

Buy: Pronto from Amazon: $49.90

The app itself is entirely free-of-charge and available now to download.

(Download: Peel Smart Remote for the iPhone and Apple Watch from the App Store)

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