Download: watchOS 3 For Apple Watch Released, Here Are The New Features


Final version of watchOS 3 is now available to download. Easiest way on how to install it on Apple Watch right now, and the right way. Get ready to experience a much faster Apple Watch. Here’s the guide to follow carefully.

Apple has officially released watchOS 3, the firmware that powers the Apple Watch, to the general public with immediate availability. Arrives after initially teasing the Apple Watch at the bask end of 2014, and releasing the hardware to market in April of the following year, Apple has shied away from updating the Watch from a hardware perspective until last week when the company announced Apple watch Series 2.

watchOS 3 is a perfect example of the company’s focus on progressing the software – that powers those watches to ensure that it offers the best possible experience and maximizes what at least the first-gen hardware is capable of. This latest update watchOS 3 dramatically increases the performance that Apple’s first-generation smartwatch produces.

Features, watchOS 3 introduces a much faster and streamlined app launch experience that sees chosen apps spring into life instantly, without delay. Apps are now also capable of being kept in memories, similar to how iOS functions, and there’s still the ability for background updates of content and refreshed info for apps that require it.

Introduces an all-new Dock in place of the Friends screen that has been present till now. There’s a new Apple Watch Control Center with access to Airplane Mode, Do Not Disturb and Silent Mode, plus more. watchOS 3 also introduces the better ways to reply messages, including the use of what Apple is calling a new Scribble (keyboard) option. Also there an SOS feature, Activity Sharing feature, and in addition the ability to unlock your Mac while wearing the watch on your wrist.

Additionally, watchOS 3 does contain many other improvements and feature additions outside, but what would the fun be if you don’t get to discover a few titbits for yourself?

Onwers of Apple Watch waiting for this update, now have aspirations of getting up and running with watchOS 3 instantly. In order to get up and running in a minimal amount of time as possible, you can follow the guide on:


How To Install watchOS 3 Update On Apple Watch

Step 1: Connect your Apple Watch to power and keep it on the charger till the update is complete.

Step 2: Before you go update, make sure you have at least 50% charge on the device.

Step 3: Now, go to your paired iPhone and open the Watch app.

Step 4: Go to General > Software Update > Download and Install.

Step 5: The system will ask for your iPhone passcode or Apple Watch passcode. Enter it, if you have already set up.

Step 6: Next, agree to the Terms & Conditions tab.

Step 7: Make sure your iPhone has access to WiFi while the update is on.

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