What’s New In iOS 11 Beta 3: Release Notes, Changes, Features

Here’s everything new in iOS 11 beta 3 that Apple has officially released the latest to compatible iPhone and iPad users registered with the Apple Developer Program. So developers all over the globe will be receiving update notifications on their devices, going through the process of installing beta 3 now, and getting to grips with all of the changes, improvements, new features, and refinements brought by Apple to table.

That means we have a opportunity to look further at the official release notes – or changelog – which accompany the release, and get hold with an understanding of what still needs work or what is still currently broken in the platform, somewhat need fixes.

Things really start to get extremely interesting when a new major version of iOS is concerned. The initial reveal during WWDC is always exciting. The first developer beta and subsequent second beta a few weeks later always brings joy to those iPhones and iPads receiving the update, but today’s third beta is where developers and public testers can really start to see the platform taking shape as part of its journey into the hands of the public.

It was recently Apple’s iOS 11 beta has now been opened up to the public, meaning a much bigger pool of testers dipping into the platform and feeding bugs and issues back to Apple. Those bugs reports mean that Apple can then intelligently assign time and engineering resources to actually fixing the larger issues and pushing out new pre-release seeds that reflect those changes.

The initial iOS 11 firmware introduces some design changes, such as customizable Control Center, along with a new Lock Screen that’s merged with the Notification Center. Peer-to-peer Apple pay payments, Messages app, new App Drawer, Do Not Disturb feature, Siri, Photos, the Camera app, and much more gaining significant improvements.

ARKit for developers will result in a wide range of new augmented reality apps, while a Core ML SDK will allow apps to become a whole lot smarter now. iOS 11 is also the biggest update ever to the iPad, with a new Dock that introduces much improved multitasking, a Files app for better managing files, improved Apple Pencil support, a revamped Apple Switcher, and of course, system-wide drag and drop functionality.

Part of the overall excitement – specifically for developers – is actually seeing those release notes and seeing exactly what has been fixed and what’s classified under Apple’s “known issues” list, which authentically means “things that are still broken in this version.”

New in beta 3 is a swipe up gesture for iPad users to close apps, tweaked behavior to Cover Sheet Notification Center and more.

It’s currently only available to registered developers for now. Apple’s iOS 11 beta 3 typically hold new public beta versions for a few days for major updates.

Apple also recently released a special ‘Update 1’ to iOS 11 beta for some devices to resolve a DFU restore issue. Today’s release of beta 3 is available to all users, so it seems like the DGU update has been fixed. Whilst iOS 11 beta 3 does not bring any groundbreaking changes, there are a handful of enhancements and tweaks – along with the usual performance and stability improvements.

New in iOS 11 beta 3:

  • Refined 3D Touch interface for the Camera app in Control Center. Similar UI changes can also be seen in the 3D Touch overlay view for the Notes Control Center shortcut.
  • The Cover Sheet of Notification Center has been refined. It now shows all notifications immediately when swiped into view; a second upward gesture to see older notifications is no longer necessary.
  • On iPad, you can now remove apps from multitasking with an upward swipe gesture. The close button ‘x’ interface seen in beta 1 and beta 2 has been replaced with the swipe interaction.
  • Improved Springboard responsiveness  when dragging and dropping. App icons now more closely track with finger gestures when dragging around.
  • Messages in iCloud reports fine-grained update progress in Settings.
  • Mail correctly remembers if it is open in 3-column mode on larger 12.9-inch iPad displays, when switching between full screen and split-screen presentations.
  • Smart Invert is now applied more correctly across the operating system.
  • In TV Provider settings, users can sign up with their local provider even if it doesn’t support Single-Sign On yet.
  • App Store settings now include a preference for whether to auto play videos. Users can pick to disable autoplaying video entirely or only when on cellular networks.
  • OS X Server is listed in the Files app; not yet functional.
  • The UI for 3D Touch previews for Safari has been tweaked.
  • For developers, SafariServices offers a new API to improve the authentication flow for onboarding. For instance, when Facebook is updated, a user that is logged in to the web app can be automatically logged into the native app without entering a password.

However, the official “Notes and Known Issues” from Apple for developer beta 3 seed is included below for reference, but, be warned, it can actually get quite complex and a little bit disheartening if you read the entire thing.

Once you give us a new found admiration for companies like Apple and the processes that they go through to originally get a platform like iOS 11 up and running in time for a public launch alongside the new iPhone.

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