WhatsApp Is Now Sharing Your Data With Facebook, Here’s How To Turn It Off [Tutorial]


Facebook-owned instant messaging service WhatsApp hasn’t updated its Terms and Services in these four years, but finally gets the latest update and changes that are making users of the app a little uneasy. Your information is now being shared with Facebook. For a number of reasons, WhatsApp showing you more relevant ads, and it is really making you a bit uncomfortable, then, you can get rid of that. Here is the better way to opt out.

Before WhatsApp’s plans go live and share your info including phone numbers, contacts list and usage data – with the parent company Facebook, you can follow this easy method to change the settings. This is how.

Existing WhatsApp users will have until September 25 to click-through this update and agree or not agree to Facebook using their WhatsApp data to suggest friends and serve ads. But WhatsApp’s UI does not offer a clear info n what the new privacy policy will change, and hid mechanisms for opting out. These steps can help a lot to change your WhatsApp account settings and keep your data on WhatsApp itself.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your phone. You will see this update screen. Click “Read more…” on the bottom.

Step 2: It takes you to the new privacy policy page. At the bottom of the screen ‘Uncheck’ the box for “share my WhatsApp information with Facebook…”

Step 3: You will see the pop-up box conforming that your account info won’t be used on Facebook.

Step 4: This is what your screen will look like. Click on “Agree.” This will redirect you back to your normal WhatsApp homepage.

Now that if you already agreed the new WhatsApp privacy policy, then? Should undo it. You’ll have 30 days after you clicked “Agree” to change your settings to “Don’t share” once and for all.

For that.

1. Use the three dots in the upper right corner of the WhatsApp screen to navigate to “Settings” and click “Account”.

2. Toggle “Share my account info” to the left. A grey box will ask if you are sure you don’t want WhatsApp to share your data with Facebook. Tap “Don’t share”.

3. With “Share my account info” grayed out. You can now click the arrow in the top left to get back to your settings and use the normal WhatsApp homepage.

Note: Actually, your WhatsApp info will still be passed to Facebook for many reasons, such as “improving infrastructure and delivery systems”. Because, both the Facebook and WhatsApp services are social and are used, securing systems, and fighting for spam, abuse and other infringement activities. Changing your settings does ensure that, Facebook doesn’t use your WhatsApp data to suggest friends or serve ads.

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