h3lix RC5 Update For iOS 10.3.3 Jailbreak Is Out

Developer and iPhone jailbreaker tihmstar have continued to build his reputation as one of the hardest hackers in the modern world of jailbreaking community with yet another release, now. His latest work means that h3lix – the jailbreak utility for 32-bit iOS 10-powered devices – sits at RC5 and is available for immediate download.

Unfortunately, this release doesn’t actually bring any earth-shattering changes but nevertheless, a periodical bug fix added which offers a fix for bug “related to programs JIT.”

This is a special tweak very useful for anyone who has jailbroken their device using h3lix and who has installed and is using emulation software that allows games not intended for iOS to be played on the device. Yet another example of how fast tihmstar actually works to not only push out new versions of his tools but also patch and fix issues which have been reported to him via the community through feedbacks.

You only need to look at the frequency of his updates and releases to get an appreciation of how dedicated this developer is to his craft and to the jailbreak community and legion of users who rely on h3lix for 32-bit device liberation on iOS 10.

RC4 was previous version only released yesterday with a fix for a crashing issue on iOS 10.0.2. The even earlier release offered additional firmware support in the form of iOS 10.2 as well as an important bug fix release with RC2 which eradicated a JavaScript issue which was causing problems for users.

The verbose changelog for h3lix RC5 confirms that this release will directly benefit those using emulation tools:

  • h3lix RC5 fixes a bug related to JIT
  • in case stuff like emulators or script interpreters (LUA) or sth didn’t work, you might wanna try RC5

Here’s what the future holds for h3lix in terms of progress and feature improvements are assurance, but history has already shown us that tihmstar will continue to use the community to track down issues and bugs, will continue to issue releases to amend those problems.

For now, you can utterly grab the latest RC5 release directly from the h3lix website at h3lix.tihmstar.net, and follow the specific guidance on how to jailbreak your device: Jailbreak iOS 10.3.3 Using h3lix, Here’s How [Tutorial].

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