Secret Codes Unblock Netflix Hidden Genres To Browse [Tips]

Netflix, the most popular streaming service become the de facto source of online video for various humans and with recent expansion into a further 130 more coutries, it becomes the most served gender. Netflix at an all-time high bringing more and more of its own to interest, first-party content to the service, searching what you’re loking for is more than difficult on what actually your are finding to sheer volume of content. Makes sense on what you need is a handy trick to make things more and more easier.

Genres-based on a complicated algorithm that actually uses reams of data about users’ viewing habits to recommend exactly what a particular user is into, number in the tens of thousands. Turns out, narrowing down the content on Netflix is something that a neat trick that we are told Netflix’s own engineers use, thanks. It makes drilling down into the Netflix catalog a whole new ball game.

Netflix’s new interface makes it much easier to browser through titles that are available on the server platform. In a web browser, Netflix subscribers may have noticed that the URL ends with a different code depending on which category you are surfing on. Subscribers can also see new releases and what’s trending, where Netflix provides personalized subgenre suggestions based on the viewer’s history so that those titles related to their interest pop up directly on their home page.

As it turns out, if you have canged that code for some very specific combinations of numbers, you wouldn’t be normally have access to by suing the traditional menu. Genres like Children’s movies that are purely based on books ( or perhaps B-Horror movies  from the 1980s, Dark Suspenseful Gangster Dramas, and Movies Starring Matthew McConaughey(

Not all numbers will bring up a sub-genre by category codes that will work depending on which country your are browsing Netflix from, rathr have sites with list of codes, such as this Google Spreadsheet, or like these posted to give subscribers a starting point. Time to waste things up, you could even try throwing a few of your own four-digit combinations at the end of the URL. May actually stumble across a completely new sub-genre. Who knows?

As the Netflix catelog changes, some other codes join and some leave, so there are changes. Browsing sub-genres using Netflix takes some time to play around with the numbers if you don’t use the posted list. New tiles are added to the platform each month.

Netflix has showcased two new upcoming original series; The Crown and The Get Down at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. With its launch in India and Russia amongst a handful of other 128 countries now able to get their Netflix experience. Welcome to the club boys and girls, you will love it a lot.

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