Cyrus Installer For iOS 10 Download Makes It Easy To Install Tweaks Without Jailbreak

You can now download Cyrus Installer on iOS 10 and iOS 11 to install tweaks and apps with o jailbreak being required to work. It’s something like “Cydia Alternative” released for non-jailbroken devices now.

We already have two big sofware initiatives, runs as substitute for Cydia apps and jailbreak tweaks, the TweakBox and TuTuApp. Now comes in the new Cyrus Installer, offering a minimalistic approach to installing apps more commonly found on Cydia, but without the need to be jailbroken.

From the past, many apps dubbed as “Cydia alternatives” come and go over the years. Some of those have also attempted to directly take on Cydia in a head-to-head war and failed, while others, which are actually better classed as alternative apps stores, are still continuing to tick over and serve app downloads to users.

This is the tool that makes your IPA installation so easy and simple on your iOS running iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Also available to download for Android to install APK files literally. Each app of this nature which pops up generally has its own story to tell and its own unique approach to trying to inform users why it’s different to the rest. AppValley offering the ability to install software more commonly found on Cydia as well as apps taken directly from the official App Store. The new Cyrus Installer brings a similar proposition but doesn’t exactly offer any App Store apps, choosing instead to focus on installations more commonly found on Cydia.

About Cyrus Installer’s user-interface and user-experience when we speak is extremely minimalistic and uncluttered. It appears that the whole app has been designed to introduce as little fuss as possible into the user’s life, meaning that those who do opt to give it a whirl can get to the content that they want quickly and efficiently.

It lets you install tweaks that too without jailbreak. Cyrus Installer is one another platform that contains 86 individual installations, including popular downloads like Snapchat++, GBAiOS, and EveryCord. And of course, the intention here is to substantially grow that library of apps to keep users coming back for more and to ultimately grow that user base.

What’s ore interesting thing here is the experience that Cyrus Installer provides. Users have started to expect apps of this nature to be clunky, buggy, and full og popups or pesky ads which are necessary to be able to continue to provide services like this. Cyrus Installer, on the other hand, looks to at least attempt to deviate away from all those by offering an entirely free service which is funded partly by small ads, and partly by donations from thankful community members.

We aren’t recommending to get installed the alternative, but only hope that this one stands the test of time and thrives in an environment where others have failed. To get started, simply head over to to get the app up and running on your iOS device.

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