iPhone 7 Has Already Been Jailbroken!

iPhone 7 jailbreak has been successfully achieved by Italian developer, hacker and security researcher Luca Tedesco. Here are the complete details.

He, Luca is the only person known for showing off private jailbreaks, has once again decided to show off his hacking skills by posting a photo of an iPhone 7 with iOS 10 installed running Cydia. Recently, by releasing a video showing a jailbroken iPad running iOS 10, Luca has now planning to utilize his liberation skills to tease the jailbreak community by being the first one to showcase a functioning jailbreak on Apple’s new iPhone 7 range.

From Luca’s @qwertoruiopz Twitter account, the tweet reads this earlier today, was sent out with the tagline ““obligatory cydia screenshot”, that contained an attached image showing a Black version of Apple’s new iPhone 7, identified as “iPhone9,3”, running a version of Cydia shown as “Cydia 1.1.26 (en-us).” There are already talks about the image that has been Photoshopped to show Cydia running, and that it can’t truly be accepted as a functioning jailbreak until a video evidence of the process is released, but given Luca’s past history and proven skill set, it’s been nailed on that this is a real deal.

Point to be noted is that the Italian developer never ever release the jailbreak or his method to the public. Luca has proven himself that he has the necessary skills and technical attributes required to find vulnerabilities in Apple’s iOS platform, and then exploit those flaws in order to get a working jailbreak. Literally, he has also shown time and time again that he performs these processes as part of his research into mobile security, and doesn’t have any intention of releasing anything to wider community.


                                    iPhone9,3 (iPhone 7) running iOS 10.0.1 with Cydia 1.1.26

First glimpse of this should still be particularly comforting for jailbreak enthusiasts to at least know that a jailbreak on Apple’s latest hardware running the new firmware is technically possible. Now the challenge would be between two other jailbreak teams, such as TaiG or Pangu, to either work in conjunction with Luca, or on their own, to piece together the required components to release something that can be used by the general public to liberate iOS 10 on as many devices as possible. More on this jailbreak process will be updated with any developments on that come front. Stay tuned.

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