Jailbreakers Beware: Apple Has Patched TaiG Jailbreak Exploits In iOS 8.4.1 Final

The iOS 8.4.1 IPSW download links for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch inititared with an OTA update or manually by grabbing direct solution, but it was un-confirmed whether Apple has patched the iOS 8.4 TaiG jailbreak.

Now it has been confirmed that Apple when releasing the final version of iOS 8.4.1, patched the TaiG jailbreak for iOS 8.4, iOS 8.3, iOS 8.2 and iOS 8.1.3.

Published by Apple a new support document highlighting the security content of iOS 8.4.1. According to this doc, Mac maker has patched not one but eight exploits used in TaiG jailbreak. Apple has also credited the Chinese-based TaiG team for finding these jailbreak exploits in iOS.

CVE-2015-5746 : evad3rs, TaiG Jailbreak Team

CVE-2015-5766 : TaiG Jailbreak Team

CVE-2015-5752 : TaiG Jailbreak Team

CVE-2015-3806 : TaiG Jailbreak Team

CVE-2015-3803 : TaiG Jailbreak Team

CVE-2015-3802 : TaiG Jailbreak Team

CVE-2015-3805 : TaiG Jailbreak Team

CVE-2015-5774 : TaiG Jailbreak Team

What next? Unless and until TaiG or some other jailbreak team have exploits which are not known by Apple yet, the chances of yet another quick jailbreak tool for iOS 8.x looks slim. Considering that iOS 9 release next month, jailbreak teams will possibly save any more exploits they have for next major Apple release than wasting it on the minor 8.4.1 update. So, stay tuned!

Caution: If you are on iOS 8.4 and care about the jailbreak status, just stay away from the new download release and DO NOT update to iOS 8.4.1. The next public jailbreak won’t be coming for many months now.

If you are on older version tahn iOS 8.4, can update to iOS 8.4 now as Apple is still signing the firmware. Rigght now you have to do that, otherwise the signing window for 8.4 won’t last for long though so you might want to hurry if you want to restore to iOS 8.4.

(source: Apple)

You can get iOS 8.4 firmware file from here: Download iOS 8.4 Final IPSW Links For iPhone And iPad.

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